Coverage of the Virginia and Maryland sniper trials.

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N.Va. Looks To Be Next Stop for Sniper Case (Post, January 25, 2004)
Muhammad Guilty on All Counts: Prosecutors Begin Case for Sniper's Death (Post, November 18, 2003)
In the End, Caprice Lost Its Invisibility: Gathering of Key Facts Brought Sighting, SWAT Assault and Two Arrests (Post, October 8, 2003)
Struggling for a Direct Connection: Menacing Calls and Notes Got Task Force Scrambling (Post, October 6, 2003)
Pair Mapped Out Their Travels on a Laptop Computer (Post, October 6, 2003)
Truck Took Probe Down Wrong Road: Police Focused on White Vehicle Despite Bulletin for Blue Caprice (Post, October 5, 2003)
Pair Seized in Sniper Attacks; Gun in Car Tied to 11 Shootings: 2 Arrested After Vehicle Is Spotted At Rest Stop (Post, October 25, 2002)
Man Shot, Wounded in Virginia: Police Swarm Highways, Jamming Traffic After Sniper-Style Assault (Post, October 20, 2002)
Woman Shot Dead Outside Fairfax Store: Seven Corners Center Attack Is Similar to Sniper Pattern (Post, October 15, 2002)
Boy, 13, Shot by Sniper at School: Police Link Wounding in Prince George's to Seven Other Attacks Across Region (Post, October 8, 2002)

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