Children's Books 2006
Children's Books 2006
Oh, The Places You'll Go!: This year's children's books issue highlights picture books, poetry, junk food, lonesome ghosts and more for younger readers (and perhaps a parent or two).
Zohar Lazar
Stanley Goes Fishing
In spring, a child's fancy turns to thoughts of water, because water, plus sun, is what looming, glorious summer is all about. Four new picture books celebrate the wet and the wild.
Fast Food
In bright, accessible styles, "Chew on This" and "Fast Food" take the case against junk food to the youngest consumers.
The Wright 3
Kids who have stayed on top of the Harry Potter story line through six increasingly convoluted books won't even break a sweat over "The Wright 3."
Heroes of Baseball
True tales of courage and adventure -- from slavery to Sarajevo to baseball heroes -- inspire young readers.
So many things rhyme with spring: ring, sing, wing, bling -- even the youngest of readers will catch the notion in this season's richly rhythmic offerings.
The Book of Sotry Beginnings
A dangerous book, a doomed teen magician and monsters at midnight are just some of the other-worldly offerings this season.
Time's Memory
Adolescents will find plenty to ponder here while learning about the horrors of the Middle Passage and slavery.

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