Rep. Jefferson Investigation

The bribery charges against Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-La.), who was videotaped accepting $100,000 in cash, should be dismissed because such an act is technically closer to influence-peddling, defense argued yesterday in an Alexandria courtroom.
Prosecutors Lay Out Case Against Jefferson (Post, September 29, 2007)
Jefferson Wants Bribery Case Moved to D.C. (Post, September 8, 2007)
House Panel Suspends Its Probe Of Jefferson (Post, August 7, 2007)
Rep. Jefferson Wins Ruling Against FBI: Court Says Office Search Violated Constitution (Post, August 4, 2007)
Lawmaker Indicted on Corruption Charges: Rep. Jefferson Accused Of Bribery, Racketeering (Post, June 5, 2007)
RAID REVIEW: Former House Leaders Weigh In on FBI Case (Post, April 2, 2007)
12 File to Oppose Rep. Jefferson (Post, August 12, 2006)
Rep. Jefferson Happy With New Assignment (AP, December 13, 2006; 5:51 PM)
Dems Keep Jefferson Off Ways and Means (AP, December 12, 2006; 9:28 PM)
Pelosi May Give Jefferson a Lesser Committee Assignment (Post, December 12, 2006)
Jefferson Win Poses Dilemma for Party: His Return After Scandal Could Be Awkward for Democrats and New Orleans (Post, December 11, 2006)
Jefferson Overcomes Scandal, Wins Reelection (Post, December 10, 2006)
Despite Probe, a Close Race: Embattled but Resilient Rep. Jefferson Faces Runoff Vote Today (Post, December 9, 2006)
Unbowed Jefferson Keeps Up the Fight (Post, October 22, 2006)
Nigerian Entangled In Jefferson Investigation (Post, July 22, 2006)
FBI Search of Jefferson's Office Constitutional, Judge Rules (Post, July 11, 2006)
FBI Threatened to Pick Lock, Filing Says: Document Details Events Before Raid (Post, June 8, 2006)
For Deals, Jefferson Built Web Of Firms (Post, June 5, 2006)
Congressman Tried to Hide Papers, Justice Dept. Says: Court Filing in Response to Jefferson Lawsuit Defends Raid (Post, May 31, 2006)
Senate Leaders Profess Less Outrage on FBI Raid: Unlike House Officials, Frist and Durbin Say They See No Breach of Constitution in Jefferson Inquiry (Post, May 29, 2006)
Raid Was Tipping Point For an Angry Congress: Simmering Frustration With Bush Erupts (Post, May 28, 2006)
A Defiant Stance In Jefferson Probe: Justice Dept. Talked of Big Resignations If White House Agreed to Return Papers (Post, May 27, 2006)
Return of Jefferson Files Is Sought: Bipartisan Request Sent to Justice Dept. (Post, May 25, 2006)
Officials Defend Raid on Lawmaker's Office: Amid Uproar on Capitol Hill, Gonzales Says Jefferson Search Was Done Carefully (Post, May 24, 2006)
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