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Weapons of Mass Destruction: Doubts on Weapons Were Dismissed (Post, April 1, 2005)
Appreciation: The Gift of the Wise Man: George F. Kennan's Clear-Eyed Worldview (Post, March 19, 2005)
Controversial Pentagon Espionage Unit Loses Its Leader: Rumsfeld Reportedly Moving Ahead With Plans to Expand Team's Intelligence Work Worldwide (Post, February 13, 2005)
Defense Espionage Unit to Work With CIA (Post, January 25, 2005)
Secret Unit Expands Rumsfeld's Domain: New Espionage Branch Delving Into CIA Territory (Post, January 23, 2005)
Some Question Background of Unit's Leader: Inexperienced Personnel Cited As a Risk to Espionage Work (Post, January 23, 2005)
Report to Defense Alleged Abuse By Prison Interrogation Teams: Intelligence Official Informed Defense Dept. in June (Post, December 8, 2004)
Unprecedented Peril Forces Tough Calls: President Faces a Multi-Front Battle Against Threats Known, Unknown (Post, October 26, 2004)
No Direct Evidence of Plot To Attack Around Elections (Post, October 23, 2004)
THE BUSH RECORD: War on Terrorism: Afghanistan, Iraq: Two Wars Collide (Post, October 22, 2004)
CIA Skewed Iraq Reporting, Senate Says (Post, July 11, 2004)
Iraq's Arsenal Was Only on Paper: Since Gulf War, Nonconventional Weapons Never Got Past the Planning Stage (Post, January 7, 2004)
Search in Iraq Fails to Find Nuclear Threat: No Evidence Uncovered Of Reconstituted Program (Post, October 26, 2003)
Depiction of Threat Outgrew Supporting Evidence (Post, August 10, 2003)
Covert Unit Hunted for Iraqi Arms: Amid Raids and Rescue, Task Force 20 Failed To Pinpoint Weapons (Post, June 13, 2003)
Odyssey of Frustration: In Search for Weapons, Army Team Finds Vacuum Cleaners (Post, May 18, 2003)
Frustrated, U.S. Arms Team to Leave Iraq: Task Force Unable To Find Any Weapons (Post, May 11, 2003)
Seven Nuclear Sites Looted: Iraqi Scientific Files, Some Containers Missing (Post, May 10, 2003)
Iraqi Nuclear Site Is Found Looted: U.S. Team Unable to Determine Whether Deadly Materials Are Missing (Post, May 4, 2003)
Looting Is a Double Loss for U.S. Forces: Arms Factory Served as Headquarters (Post, April 28, 2003)
U.S. Has Not Inspected Iraqi Nuclear Facility: Site That Contained Uranium Was Looted After War (Post, April 25, 2003)
Hunt for Iraqi Arms Erodes Assumptions (Post, April 22, 2003)
Banned Iraqi Weapons Might Be Hard to Find: Suspicious Sites Provide No Proof Yet (Post, April 5, 2003)
Special Search Operations Yield No Banned Weapons (Post, March 30, 2003)
Al Qaeda Near Biological, Chemical Arms Production (Post, March 23, 2003)

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