Date Lab: We Match You Up and Send You Out

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Date Lab: He has a rapper's looks, but will he be GQ enough for her? (Post, March 29, 2009)
Date Lab: He likes a healthy sex drive. She likes tattoos. (Post, March 22, 2009)
Date Lab: ISO a life-of-the-party guy with really good teeth (Post, March 15, 2009)
Date Lab: For a stiff, 'buttoned-down' guy, he's pretty free with the pecking (Post, March 8, 2009)
Date Lab: Making a date of Camus and a very girly drink (Post, March 1, 2009)
Date Lab: Sometimes being young and cute can work against you (Post, February 22, 2009)
Date Lab: On Valentine's Day weekend, Remember -- things could be worse (Post, February 15, 2009)
Date Lab: Guess we won't be getting her that new Wii ... (Post, February 8, 2009)
Date Lab: Football-loving event planner? Check. But pearls and polka dots? Not so much. (Post, February 1, 2009)
Date Lab: Without Date Lab, she says, their paths never would have crossed (Post, January 25, 2009)
Date Lab: He's a Republican staffer. She's got a crush on Obama. Can they overcome the political divide? (Post, January 18, 2009)
Date Lab: Two Out Of Three -- Not Bad Or Not Enough? (Post, January 4, 2009)
Date Lab: Race and politics: First date chatter or bad idea? (Post, December 28, 2008)
Date Lab: Did staying polite make for a pleasant evening -- or stifle the possibility of connecting? (Post, December 21, 2008)
Date Lab: Two fun people have a fun time talking about how they have fun (Post, December 14, 2008)
Date Lab: She's given up on local men. Can he redeem his peers? (Post, December 7, 2008)
Date Lab: He takes her on a lovely moonlit walk. But will a fourth-quarter fumble spoil the night? (Post, November 30, 2008)
Date Lab: This aviation lawyer is eager to connect. Will his moves fly? (Post, November 23, 2008)
Date Lab: West Coast trendy, meet West Coast crunchy (Post, November 16, 2008)
Date Lab: Should the waitress take her shot? (Post, November 9, 2008)
Date Lab : A beautiful nurse and a hard-bodied property manager do their best to bring sexy back (Post, November 2, 2008)
Date Lab: She's younger than his usual -- but will it matter? (Post, October 26, 2008)
Date Lab: She's younger than his usual -- but will it matter? (Post, October 26, 2008)
Date Lab: Is it possible to take that 'cowboy' thing too literally? (Post, October 19, 2008)
Date Lab: Georgetown University's Date Lab Rat gives matching a whirl (Post, October 12, 2008)

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