Department of Human Behavior by Shankar Vedantam
President Obama appears serenely confident as he goes about fixing the worst global financial crisis in more than half a century while simultaneously revamping the national health-care system, changing the way Americans use and produce energy, giving tax breaks to 95 percent of all households, an...
The Rational Underpinnings of Irrational Anger (By Shankar Vedantam, March 2, 2009)
The Computer as a Road Map to Unknowable Territory (By Shankar Vedantam, February 16, 2009)
How a Self-Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance (By Shankar Vedantam, February 2, 2009)
Why the Ideological Melting Pot Is Getting So Lumpy (By Shankar Vedantam, January 19, 2009)
Mass Suffering and Why We Look the Other Way (By Shankar Vedantam, January 5, 2009)
The Higher They Are, the Harder They Fall (By Shankar Vedantam, December 22, 2008)
In the Face of Tragedy, Moral Reasoning Along 'Whodunit' Lines (By Shankar Vedantam, December 8, 2008)
Who Are the Better Managers -- Political Appointees or Career Bureaucrats? (By Shankar Vedantam, November 24, 2008)
Big Political Donors Just Looking for Favors? Apparently Not. (By Shankar Vedantam, November 10, 2008)
Your Neighbors Could Find Out, So You'd Better Vote (By Shankar Vedantam, October 27, 2008)
Does Your Subconscious Think Obama Is Foreign? (By Shankar Vedantam, October 13, 2008)
My Team vs. Your Team: The Political Arena Lives Up to Its Name (By Shankar Vedantam, September 29, 2008)
The Power of Political Misinformation (By Shankar Vedantam, September 15, 2008)
9/11, Iraq and the Desensitization of the Victimized (By Shankar Vedantam, September 8, 2008)
The Oprah Effect (By Shankar Vedantam, September 1, 2008)
Why Fluff-Over-Substance Makes Perfect Evolutionary Sense (By Shankar Vedantam, August 25, 2008)
Happiness on the Medal Stand? It's as Simple as 1-3-2. (By Shankar Vedantam, August 18, 2008)
The Sprinter's Brain (By Shankar Vedantam, August 11, 2008)
How Terrorist Organizations Work Like Clubs (By Shankar Vedantam, August 4, 2008)
When Play Becomes Work (By Shankar Vedantam, July 28, 2008)
The Face of Innocence (By Shankar Vedantam, July 21, 2008)
Sideline Rage -- Sports Parents Go Berserk (By Shankar Vedantam, July 14, 2008)
Packing Protection or Packing Suicide Risk? (By Shankar Vedantam, July 7, 2008)
Subprime Mortgages and Race: A Bit of Good News May Be Illusory (By Shankar Vedantam, June 30, 2008)
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