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EVANSVILLE, Ind. -- The e-mail appeared to be a routine correspondence between two friends. "Check this out!" it read, then listed a Web address.
School Conducts Anti-Phishing Research (AP, July 22, 2007; 12:37 PM)
Taking the Bait On a Phish Scam: Job Seekers Are Targets, Victims of Sophisticated Ploy (Post, February 10, 2007, Page D01)
Phishing Facts (Post, February 10, 2007, Page D05)
Phish-Hooked: Thieves Find Easy Pickings on Social Sites (Post, July 16, 2006, Page F01)
'Phishing' Scheme Targets Thrift Savings Plan Holders (By Stephen Barr, March 20, 2006, Page D04)
'Phishing' Season For Tax Scammers: IRS Warns Public Of Phony E-Mails (Post, February 25, 2006, Page A01)
'Phishing' Keeps Luring Victims (Post, October 22, 2005, Page D01)
Phishing On the Rise (Post, October 22, 2005, Page D03)
Phishers Sinking to New Lows (By Don Oldenburg, August 28, 2005, Page F05)
Readers Send Back the Phish Special (By Robert MacMillan, August 22, 2005; 8:00 AM)
Again With the Phishing (By Robert MacMillan, August 19, 2005; 10:27 AM)
Phishers Drop Hooks Into Smaller Streams: Online Scam Artists Now Targeting Regional-Bank Customers (, January 24, 2005; 9:48 AM)
Despite Efforts to Contain Them, 'Phishing' Scams Spread (Post, January 19, 2005, Page E05)
Technology Fueling Wave of Phishing Scams: 'Toolkits' and 'Carder' Sites Help Thieves Cash in on ID Theft (, January 18, 2005; 9:49 AM)
Transcript: Phishing Schemes (, November 19, 2004; 11:00 AM)
How to Fend off Phishing (, November 18, 2004; 6:55 AM)
How to Fend off Phishing (, November 18, 2004; 6:55 AM)
Phishing Schemes Scar Victims (, November 18, 2004; 6:36 AM)
Phishing Feeds Internet Black Markets (, November 18, 2004; 6:34 AM)
Consummate Consumer: 'Phishing' on the Rise, But Don't Take the Bait (Post, November 9, 2004, Page C10)
Filter: Microsoft, Amazon Take a Phishing Trip (By Cynthia L. Webb, September 29, 2004; 9:38 AM)
.com: Internet Snagged In the Hooks Of 'Phishers' (By Leslie Walker, July 29, 2004, Page E01)
Feds, Private Groups to Educate Consumers About 'Phishing' Scams (, June 17, 2004; 4:47 PM)
Consummate Consumer: 'Phishing' Scam Uses FDIC as Bait (Post, February 3, 2004, Page C10)
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