In July 2003, when travel around Iraq didn't require armored cars and armed guards, my translator and I took a day trip to Fallujah. Unrest was on the rise there and we were curious about who was behind the violence. Was it indeed former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party? We wanted to get...
Mistakes Loom Large as Handover Nears: Missed Opportunities Turned High Ideals to Harsh Realities (Post, June 20, 2004, Page A01)
An Educator Learns the Hard Way: Task of Rebuilding Universities Brings Frustration, Doubts and Danger (Post, June 21, 2004, Page A01)
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Demise of Iraqi Units Symbolic of U.S. Errors: Rebuilding Hindered by Past Mistakes (Post, September 25, 2004, Page A01)
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U.S. Hands Authority To Iraq Two Days Early: Fear of Attacks Hastens Move; Interim Leaders Assume Power (Post, June 29, 2004, Page A01)

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