When Republicans distributed fliers in November suggesting that prominent Maryland Democrats were supporting the GOP's Michael S. Steele for U.S. Senate, Democratic candidate Benjamin L. Cardin could do little more than denounce the tactic.
U.S. SENATE: Cardin Backs Bill to Protect Voters (Post, February 1, 2007, Page B06)
Cardin Is Learning The Ropes, His Role: Low-Key Newcomer Considered a Natural Successor to Sarbanes (Post, December 10, 2006, Page C04)
Elections Leave Bitter Aftertaste In Pr. George's (Post, November 11, 2006, Page A01)
MARYLAND: Governor and U.S. Senate Losses Just the Tip of State GOP Collapse (Post, November 9, 2006, Page A01)
Cardin, O'Malley Win in Md. Races (Post, November 8, 2006; 1:18 AM)
MD. CAMPAIGN TACTICS: Misleading GOP Handouts Called a Political 'Low Point' (Post, November 8, 2006, Page A29)
Sample Ballots in Pr. George's Misidentify Candidates (Post, November 7, 2006; 4:18 PM)
PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY: Democrats Denounce Flier Mailed by GOP (Post, November 7, 2006, Page B02)
Candidates Hit the Pews In Maryland Homestretch: Black Church Community Deemed 'Exceptionally Important' (Post, November 6, 2006, Page B01)
Campaigns in Tune With an Old Medium (Post, November 6, 2006, Page B01)
Political Ad Nauseam: Candidates Blanket the Airwaves Because Such Tactics May Work in Close Races (Post, November 4, 2006, Page B01)
CAMPAIGNING: Last-Minute Push Polls Send Some Voters Over the Edge (Post, November 3, 2006, Page B04)
U.S. SENATE RACE: As Lieutenant Governor, Steele Has Been Quiet in Dissent (Post, November 1, 2006, Page B05)
Black Democrats Cross Party Lines To Back Steele For U.S. Senate: Pr. George's Politicians Lash Out at State Party (Post, October 31, 2006, Page B01)
Debate Puts Steele on Defense: Candidate Pressed On Bush, Abortion (Post, October 30, 2006, Page A01)
Absence Dims Day in Political Spotlight: Cardin Calls In Busy to Charles NAACP's Senate Debate, Ceding Stage to 2 Rivals (Post, October 29, 2006, Page SM01)
Steele Uses Own Family Ties To Rebut Actor's Stem Cell Ad (Post, October 28, 2006, Page B04)
SENATE CAMPAIGN: Steele Finds Himself in a Purple Haze (Post, October 27, 2006, Page B02)
U.S. SENATE CAMPAIGN: Cardin, Steele Square Off in Televised Debate (Post, October 26, 2006, Page B04)
Cardin, Steele Face Off in Contentious Debate (Post, October 25, 2006; 5:14 PM)
A Sense of Service Sustained by Family, Faith (Post, October 25, 2006, Page A01)
GOP Heavyweights Help With Steele's Fundraising (Post, October 25, 2006, Page B06)
Maryland Senate Candidates: Michael S. Steele: A Political Natural, Railing Against Politics (Post, October 24, 2006, Page A01)
Hoyer Remark 'Racist,' GOP's Steele Charges: Candidate Reacts to 'Slavish' Comment (Post, October 18, 2006, Page B02)
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