Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley (D) ousted Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) in a close race and U.S. Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin (D) defeated Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele (R) in the race to represent Maryland in the U.S. Senate.
MARYLAND: Cardin, O'Malley Win in Statewide Democratic Wave (Post, November 8, 2006, Page A01)
ANALYSIS: Democratic Voters in Washington Suburbs Solidify Their Power in Md., Va. Elections (Post, November 8, 2006, Page A01)
MD. CAMPAIGN TACTICS: Misleading GOP Handouts Called a Political 'Low Point' (Post, November 8, 2006, Page A29)
Executive Race Close Amid High Turnout: Leopold Holds Lead Over Johnson (Post, November 8, 2006, Page A41)
HOWARD COUNTY: Ulman Wins as Democrats Strengthen Hold on Council (Post, November 8, 2006, Page A43)
Voting Appears Robust Across D.C. Area (Post, November 7, 2006; 6:46 PM)
Sample Ballots in Pr. George's Misidentify Candidates (Post, November 7, 2006; 4:18 PM)
Home Is Where The Race Ends: Bus Tours, Rallies And Phone Drives Wrap Up Campaign (Post, November 7, 2006, Page B01)
Candidates Making Final Push to Break Out: Big Races in Md., Va. Are Tight to the End (Post, November 6, 2006, Page A01)
Candidates Hit the Pews In Maryland Homestretch: Black Church Community Deemed 'Exceptionally Important' (Post, November 6, 2006, Page B01)
Md., Va. Challengers' Fate May Depend on Inner Suburbs' Muscle (Post, November 5, 2006, Page A01)
MARYLAND RACES: Familiar Steps at the End of Campaign Trail (Post, November 5, 2006, Page C05)
Ehrlich, O'Malley Likely to Set Different Tones in Annapolis: Candidates' Records Show Contrasting Governing Styles (Post, November 5, 2006, Page C07)
High-Profile Races in Md. Likely to Lift Voter Turnout: Both Parties Prepare For Last-Minute Push (Post, November 5, 2006, Page SM01)
Debate Targets Death Penalty: Senate Race's Last; O'Malley to Air Ad Featuring Bill Clinton (Post, November 4, 2006, Page B01)
Political Ad Nauseam: Candidates Blanket the Airwaves Because Such Tactics May Work in Close Races (Post, November 4, 2006, Page B01)
Finance Laws Helping Political Parties' Accounts Overflow: Unlimited 'Administrative' Gifts Free Up Other Money to Go to Candidates (Post, November 4, 2006, Page B02)
Ehrlich Attacks O'Malley on Immigration (Post, November 3, 2006, Page B02)
U.S. Senate, Governor Candidates Rush to Court Black Vote: Polls Suggest Top Maryland Elections Could Hinge on Group's Turnout (Post, November 3, 2006, Page B05)
AT THE POLLS: Democrats Press GOP to Ease Off Game Plan for Voter Challenges (Post, November 3, 2006, Page B06)
Md. Governor's Race Running at 2 Speeds (Post, November 2, 2006, Page B01)
POLL WATCHERS: Md. Democrats Say GOP Plans to Block Voters (Post, November 2, 2006, Page B06)
A Ballot Packed With Prime Posts: Republicans Put Gains on the Line (Post, November 2, 2006, Page T01)
Md. Governor's Race: Martin O'Malley: A Politician Molded by Irish Rebels, Jesuit Ideals (Post, November 1, 2006, Page A01)
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