Book World's reviews keep you apprised of the newest releases that are reaching book stores.
Book World's reviews keep you apprised of the newest releases that are reaching book stores.
They Knew They Were Right (By Jacob Heilbrunn)
From exile to redemption to exile again, Jacob Heilbrunn presents a history of the "militaristic idealists" known as neocons.
Liberal Fascism (By Jonah Goldberg)
One author aims to answer the question: Who has more affinity with fascism -- liberals or conservatives?
New books argue that the dominance of the religious right is coming to an end but that evangelicals' political influence is here to stay.
Heroic Conservatism (By Michael J. Gerson)
The president's longtime speechwriter Michael Gerson offers a guiding vision for Republicans in "Heroic Conservatism."
For the Soul of Mankind (By Melvyn P. Leffler) | A Failed Empire ( By Vladislav M. Zubok)
Two books detail how after a brush with calamity in 1983, both sides moved away from confrontation.
The Bush Tragedy (By Jacob Weisburg)
A editor attempts to penetrate the family drama behind George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq.
Surrender Is Not an Option (By John Bolton) | The Great Experiment (By Strobe Talbot)
Two works -- one by John Bolton, another from Strobe Talbot -- serve as bookends in our current debate about America's role in the world.
Heroes (By Paul Johnson)
One author shows history's luminaries for what they are: human beings.
After a spate of authors lamenting America's political polarization and championing the healing powers of various 2008 presidential candidates, along comes a pack of books full of honest venom and outright partisanship.
Reality Show (By Howard Kurtz)
A media reporter details the incestuous relationship between network anchorpersons and the politicians they cover.
Beyond the White House (By Jimmy Carter)
The former president reminds us of his accomplishments since leaving office.
Journals, 1952-2000 (By Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.)
In his journals, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. sings -- and often stings.
The Argument (By Matt Bai)
A reporter examines how new voices are changing the face -- and mission -- of an old party.
My Grandfather's Son (By Clarence Thomas)
A Supreme Court justice recounts a difficult ascent.
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (By John J. Merasheimer and Stephen M. Walt) | The Deadliest Lies (By Abraham H. Foxman)
Who really drives America's policy toward the Middle East?
The Nine (By Jeffrey Toobin)
A respected author provides a glimpse behind the scenes as the high court of the land moves to the right.
Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World (By Bill Clinton)
Readers and voters get a preview of what a Bill Clinton-run East Wing might look like -- focused on fighting poverty, disease and climate change and rallying the mighty and the meek to noble goals.
Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush (By Robert Draper)
Robert Draper emerges with a treasure trove of detail and anecdotes about George Bush, but he often doesn't delve -- or isn't allowed to delve -- into the deeper questions.

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