Virginia Politics
A large majority of Northern Virginia residents want the state to spend more money to fix the region's roads and rails, and more than three-quarters say they wanted the opportunity to raise local taxes to do it, a new Washington Post poll shows.
Virginia Sen. George Allen (R) and Democratic challenger James Webb are virtually tied in a race that could shift the balance of power in Washington and which reinforces the differences between Northern Virginia and the rest of the commonwealth, according to a new Washington Post poll.... Webb...
A majority of Virginians support a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage and civil unions, although voters split on the measure when presented with interpretations of its potential impact, according to a new Washington Post poll.
A poll conducted by The Washington Post shows that Northern Virginia is more concerned about transportation projects and financing than is the rest of the state. The poll also shows that the General Assembly in Richmond is being held accountable for the impasse in approving a transportation plan for the state.
Virginia Sen. George Allen (R) is seeking a second term, running against former Navy secretary James Webb (D) and independent candidate Gail Parker. Allen's once sizable lead has been whittled away as he and Webb have battled over Iraq, character and race, especially in the Washington suburbs.

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