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DISPATCH FROM A PRE-HIBERNATION WALK: Paying respects to fall's hues -- and a woolly worm (Post, November 20, 2009)
Behind the wheel: 'Unit 12' might live on only in memory, but it's still stuck in Beltway backups (Post, November 15, 2009)
scene & heard: Staying off the roads this Friday the 13th (Post, November 13, 2009)
Random Acts: Gratitude for the honesty we always hope for but don't always expect (Post, November 8, 2009)
Dispatch from the old bathroom: It takes an army to handle a renovation (Post, November 1, 2009)
The Metropolist: THE METROPOLIST (Post, October 30, 2009)
Dispatch from the suspension list: School offenses became a winning pass (Post, October 26, 2009)
Scene and Heard: A close call while goldfish-sitting (Post, October 25, 2009)
The Metropolist: Happy times at Zebra Room: Beer and pizza, no pretense (Post, October 23, 2009)
The Metropolist: More Fond Memories of Fave Bygone Places (Post, October 16, 2009)
Scene and Heard: Requiem for Comet the Goldfish, Who Over The Years Truly Grew on Her (Post, October 12, 2009)
The Metropolist: From Delivering Packages to Dealing With Complaints, Employees Treasured Their Time at Woodies (Post, October 9, 2009)
Scene and Heard: Autumn Fever Inflames The Heart and the Senses (Post, October 5, 2009)
The Metropolist: There Was Nothing Much Run-of-the-Mill About Woodies the Workplace (Post, October 2, 2009)
Scene and Heard: Mutual Support Between Walter Reed Patients, Staff at the Army Ten-Miler (Post, September 27, 2009)
The Metropolist: Memories of the Tea Room and Fanciful Window Displays at Woodies (Post, September 25, 2009)
The Metropolist: Woodies Catered to Our Tastes, From Tiny Sandwiches to Twinkling Window Displays (Post, September 18, 2009)
Scene and Heard: The Mad Monk Has Left the Belfry as Technology Takes Its Toll (Post, September 14, 2009)
The Metropolist: At Woodies, Appreciating the Opportunities to Dress and Dine in Style (Post, September 11, 2009)
The Metropolist: Fond Memories of Downtown Washington Often Find Their Way to Woodies (Post, September 4, 2009)
Scene and Heard: A Heroic Death, Without the Headlines (Post, August 30, 2009)
The Metropolist: Growing Up With an Arlington Dive Bar; Cruises That Got the Ladies 'All Shook Up' (Post, August 28, 2009)
The Metropolist: For Weile's Fans, a Visit Was the Cherry That Topped Off the Day (Post, August 21, 2009)
Scene and Heard: A Summer's Rain Dance, but Only They Heard the Music (Post, August 16, 2009)
The Metropolist: A Few More Readers Get Their Licks In About Weile's Ice Cream Creations (Post, August 14, 2009)

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