Cathy L. Lanier

Three D.C. police officers were arrested Tuesday in an undercover sting involving the purchase of supposedly stolen goods, an operation similar to one over the weekend that led to the arrest of another officer in the same police district, the department said.
Three D.C. officers arrested in another police undercover sting (Post, March 8, 2011; 8:05 PM)
D.C. police officer arrested in sting by internal affairs unit (Post, March 8, 2011)
D.C. police officer arrested in burglary sting (Post, March 7, 2011; 8:39 PM)
No search for body of slain D.C. teen (Post, March 4, 2011)
No landfill search for body of slain teen, D.C. police say (Post, March 3, 2011; 8:03 PM)
Federal immigration program gives some jurisdictions leeway (Post, February 27, 2011)
Federal immigration enforcement program is inconsistently applied in region (Post, February 26, 2011; 7:28 PM)
Two burglary suspects killed in shootout with D.C. police near Catholic University (Post, February 15, 2011; 11:01 AM)
D.C. police set to increase number of traffic cameras (Post, February 5, 2011)
District to expand number of traffic cameras (Post, February 4, 2011; 10:08 PM)
D.C. police official Groomes returns to job (, December 23, 2010; 6:54 AM)
Assistant D.C. police chief is reinstated to post (Post, December 23, 2010)
Assistant D.C. Police Chief Diane Groomes reinstated after test allegations (Post, December 22, 2010; 11:58 PM)
Gray keeps Lanier as chief of police (Post, December 17, 2010)
Vince Gray keeps Lanier as police chief, nominates controversial ex-fire chief (Post, December 16, 2010; 7:59 PM)
Gray likely to keep Lanier as chief (Post, December 14, 2010)
Lanier expected to stay on as D.C. police chief, sources say (Post, December 13, 2010; 9:29 PM)
D.C. nightclub to reopen after death of man who threw brick (Post, December 2, 2010)
D.C. nightclub set to reopen after man's death (Post, December 1, 2010; 10:40 PM)
Liquor board gives DC9 green light to reopen (, December 1, 2010; 4:43 PM)
Exam takers might have gotten help (Post, November 23, 2010)
D.C. police official accused over security exam (Post, November 22, 2010; 8:30 PM)
D.C. police official is subject of allegation over testing (Post, November 20, 2010)
Top D.C. police official suspended (, November 19, 2010; 5:40 PM)
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