U.S. Attorney Firings Investigation

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IN THE HOT SEAT: Ex-Aide to Respect Confidentiality Of White House in Hill Testimony (Post, July 11, 2007)
Fired Prosecutor Says Gonzales Pushed Death Penalty: Figures Show Attorney General Often Overrules U.S. Attorneys' Arguments Against Capital Charges (Post, June 28, 2007)
Senators Deride Justice Reassignments: Prosecutor Firings and Staff Decisions Draw Hill Criticism (Post, June 22, 2007)
Justice Dept.'s No. 2 to Counter Claims of Untruths Over Firings: McNulty Also to Tell Panel He Doesn't Think Officials Misled Him (Post, June 21, 2007)
In U.S. Attorney's Offices, Help Wanted: Justice Dept. Seeking Replacements for Departing Temporary Prosecutors (Post, June 17, 2007)
Justice Dept. Official To Quit: Elston Had Role in Prosecutor Firings (Post, June 16, 2007)
Gonzales Meeting With Aide Scrutinized: Justice Dept. Checking For Possible Wrongdoing (Post, June 15, 2007)
2 Former Aides to Bush Get Subpoenas: Miers, Taylor Had Roles in Firings Of U.S. Attorneys (Post, June 14, 2007)
Justice Dept. Expands Probe To Include Hiring Practices (Post, May 31, 2007)
Officials Say Justice Dept. Based Hires on Politics Before Goodling Tenure (Post, May 26, 2007)
Politics At Work In Inquiry, Bush Says: Senate Plans June Vote on Gonzales (Post, May 25, 2007)
President Stands by Gonzales (Post, May 22, 2007)
In Closed Meeting With Gonzales, Prosecutors Express Their Dismay: Many Remain Upset, Fear Damage to the Justice Department's Image (Post, May 19, 2007)
No-Confidence Vote Sought on Gonzales (Post, May 18, 2007)
Justice Weighed Firing 1 in 4: 26 Prosecutors Were Listed As Candidates (Post, May 17, 2007)
Gonzales Hospital Episode Detailed: Ailing Ashcroft Pressured on Spy Program, Former Deputy Says (Post, May 16, 2007)
Transcript: Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on U.S. Attorney Firings (washingtonpost.com, May 15, 2007; 1:00 PM)
U.S. Attorneys Investigation: Voter-Fraud Complaints by GOP Drove Dismissals (Post, May 14, 2007)
Judge Gives Immunity to Gonzales Aide (Post, May 12, 2007)
House GOP Stands Behind Gonzales: New Details of White House Pressure to Fire U.S. Attorneys Do Not Sway Republicans (Post, May 11, 2007)
Number of Fired Prosecutors Grows: Dismissals Began Earlier Than Justice Dept. Has Said (Post, May 10, 2007)
Lawmaker's Aide Targeted Prosecutor Before List Was Made (Post, May 9, 2007)
New Story for Firing Emerges: Ex-U.S. Attorney Clashed With Bosses Over Murder Probe (Post, May 5, 2007)
Former Supervisor Extols Fired Prosecutors : Praise Undermines Case for Dismissals (Post, May 4, 2007)
Ex-Aide to Gonzales Accused Of Bias: Justice Department Scrutinizes Role of Politics in Hiring (Post, May 3, 2007)

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