U.S. Attorney Firings Investigation

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Eyebrows Are Raised in Mich. Over Reasons for Prosecutor's Firing (Post, March 25, 2007)
Gonzales Met With Top Aides On Firings: Papers Appear to Contradict Denial (Post, March 24, 2007)
Senate Panel Approves Subpoenas for 3 Top Bush Aides (Post, March 23, 2007)
House Panel Authorizes Subpoenas Of Officials: White House Again Says Aides Will Not Testify (Post, March 22, 2007)
E-Mails Reveal Tumult In Firings and Aftermath (Post, March 21, 2007)
Fitzgerald Ranked During Leak Case: Justice Dept. Fired 2 With Same Rating (Post, March 20, 2007)
Prosecutor's Firing Was Urged During Probe (Post, March 19, 2007)
Accounts of Prosecutors' Dismissals Keep Shifting (Post, March 17, 2007)
Justice Dept. Would Have Kept 'Loyal' Prosecutors: Aide Recommended Retaining 'Bushies' And Top Performers (Post, March 16, 2007)
Justice Dept. Advocated Removing 15-20 Percent of U.S. Attorneys, E-Mails Show (Post, March 15, 2007; 7:32 PM)
Statements On Firings of Prosecutors Are Key Issue (Post, March 15, 2007)
Despite 'Mistakes,' Bush Backs Gonzales (Post, March 15, 2007)
Gonzales: 'Mistakes Were Made': But Attorney General Defends Firings of Eight U.S. Attorneys (Post, March 14, 2007)
White House Cites Lax Voter-Fraud Investigations in U.S. Attorneys' Firings (Post, March 14, 2007)
Firings Had Genesis in White House: Ex-Counsel Miers First Suggested Dismissing Prosecutors 2 Years Ago, Documents Show (Post, March 13, 2007)
Gonzales Yields On Hiring Interim U.S. Attorneys (Post, March 9, 2007)
Subpoenas Likely for Justice Officials in Prosecutor Firings (Post, March 8, 2007)
Prosecutors Say They Felt Pressured, Threatened: Hill Republicans, Justice Dept. Cited (Post, March 7, 2007)
Prosecutors Say They Felt Pressured, Threatened: Hill Republicans, Justice Dept. Cited (Post, March 7, 2007)
Second Lawmaker Contacted Prosecutor: Wilson Complained About Pace of Probes (Post, March 6, 2007)
White House Backed U.S. Attorney Firings, Officials Say (Post, March 3, 2007)
6 of 7 Dismissed U.S. Attorneys Had Positive Job Evaluations (Post, February 18, 2007)
Fired Prosecutor Disputes Justice Dept. Allegation: He Calls Testimony 'Unfair'; Meanwhile, Senate Panel Votes to Limit Attorney General's Power (Post, February 9, 2007)
Deputy Attorney General Defends Prosecutor Firings (Post, February 7, 2007; 12:00 PM)
U.S. Attorney Firings Set Stage for Congressional Battle (Post, February 4, 2007)

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