D.C. Voting Rights Bill

REPRESENTATION: D.C. Voting Rights Bill Set for Hearing (Post, January 17, 2009)
Optimistic Push for D.C. Vote In House: Bills to Be Offered After Swearing-In (Post, January 6, 2009)
Cheh Digs In Heels On Voting Software: Smooth Elections Don't Erase Concerns (Post, November 14, 2008)
U.S. MAIL: Ballots Will Be Delivered, Post Office Vows (Post, November 1, 2008)
D.C. Voter Election Interest Runs High (Post, October 22, 2008)
D.C. Residents Can Cast 'Absentee' Votes Today (Post, October 20, 2008)
Firm, Elections Board Faulted in Voting Mishap: Panel Cites Poor Equipment, Communication (Post, October 9, 2008)
Council Grills Elections Board: Panel Says It Aims to Provide Glitch-Free General Election (Post, October 4, 2008)
Report Blames Speed In Primary Vote Error: Exact Cause of Defect Not Pinpointed (Post, October 2, 2008)
Lawyers Will Monitor Polls Nov. 4: Sequoia Again Denies Cartridge Caused Primary Night Error (Post, September 30, 2008)
District's Primary Results Certified: No Rationale Given for Phantom Votes (Post, September 26, 2008)
ELECTIONS BOARD: Recount of Paper Ballots Delays Certification of Primary Results (Post, September 25, 2008)
Primary Vote Still Doesn't Add Up (Post, September 22, 2008)
Firm Subpoenaed in Vote Tally: Errors Add to Election Board's Concerns About November (Post, September 19, 2008)
Voting Database Is Fine, Firm Says: User Error Cited As Possibility in D.C. Vote Foul-Up (Post, September 12, 2008)
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