French Elections | April 22, 2007
PARIS -- Nicolas Sarkozy, a blunt and uncompromising pro-American conservative, was elected president of France Sunday with a mandate to chart a new course for an economically sluggish nation struggling to incorporate immigrants and their children.
Sarkozy's Message: I Won't Be a Poodle (AP, May 7, 2007; 2:45 PM)
Sarkozy Win Comes From Unlikely Corners (AP, May 7, 2007; 5:50 PM)
Comparison To Clinton Is Dismissed: French Counterpart Lacked Substance, Senator's Camp Says (Post, May 8, 2007, Page A06)
Farewell, Jacques Chirac (By Anne Applebaum, May 8, 2007, Page A25)
Progressives' French Lesson (By E. J. Dionne Jr., May 8, 2007, Page A25)
Sarkozy Wins, Vows to Restore Pride in France (Post, May 7, 2007, Page A01)
Wolfowitz or a Caricature? All Bets Are Off. (By Al Kamen, May 7, 2007, Page A17)
Sarkozy's Dangerous Strengths (By Jim Hoagland, May 7, 2007, Page A19)
Sarkozy No Favorite in Paris Suburbs: Harsh Comments During 2005 Riots Still Anger Many in Minority Areas (Post, May 4, 2007, Page A19)
Sarkozy's New Europeans (By Anne Applebaum, May 1, 2007, Page A17)
France's Bayrou Withholds Support: 3rd-Place Candidate Denounces Sarkozy, Royal Ahead of Runoff (Post, April 26, 2007, Page A23)
Sarkozy, Royal Head to Presidential Runoff: Massive Turnout in France Reflects Desire To Address Economic, International Issues (Post, April 23, 2007, Page A13)
France's Two-Week Referendum (By Jim Hoagland, April 23, 2007, Page A17)
A Paradoxical French Electorate: Voters in Presidential Race Demand, and Fear, Change (Post, April 21, 2007, Page A01)
In French Campaign, A Flurry of Faux Pas: Gaffes Could Sway the 40% Still Undecided (Post, April 12, 2007, Page A21)
French Politics in 3-D on Fantasy Web Site: Presidential Hopefuls Build Presence for Avatars on Second Life (Post, March 30, 2007, Page A01)
France's Agents of Change (By David Ignatius, March 28, 2007, Page A15)
Separatists Slip in Quebec Vote: Referendum Campaign Shelved; Ruling Liberals Lose Their Majority (Post, March 27, 2007, Page A08)
Bayrou Shakes Up French Race: Presidential Hopeful's Fast Rise Seen as a Gauge of Voter Unrest (Post, March 25, 2007, Page A14)
Chirac Gives Tepid Backing to Sarkozy in French Presidential Race (Post, March 22, 2007, Page A17)
Fringe Parties Could Swing France's Race For President (Post, March 20, 2007, Page A16)
For France's Female Contender, Women Are a Tough Audience (Post, March 18, 2007, Page A01)
Royal Finds Female Voters Resistant: French Presidential Candidate Seen as Lacking Competence, Leadership Skills (Post, March 18, 2007, Page A18)
Le Pen Joins Volatile Race For French Presidency (Post, March 15, 2007, Page A12)
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