Smithsonian Scandals and Leadership Changes
The exterior of the Smithsonian's Arts and Industries Building.
The exterior of the Smithsonian's Arts and Industries Building.
Smithsonian Institution
A longtime critic of the Smithsonian Institution introduced legislation in the U.S. Senate this week that would wipe out the national museum complex's exemption from the Freedom of Information Act and the Sunshine Act.
A federal judge has found that a key Smithsonian business executive pushed a door into a janitor, slamming her against a wall, and jerked on her lanyard forcefully in an altercation five years ago, but the judge dismissed a lawsuit over the fight.
The catalogue and online store for the Smithsonian Institution have suspended their operations after the outside vendor that handled the business abruptly closed.
The Smithsonian Board of Regents voted yesterday to stop looking for help from an outsider to rejuvenate the historic Arts & Industries Building, the massive, shuttered exhibition hall at the heart of the National Mall.
The Smithsonian Institution yesterday officially changed the name of its troubled business unit and revamped the way profits are distributed to its museums.
The head of the Smithsonian Latino Center resigned in February after an internal investigation found that she violated a variety of rules and ethics policies by abusing her expense account, trying to steer a contract to a friend and soliciting free tickets for fashion shows, concerts and music award...
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