Smithsonian Scandals and Leadership Changes
Smithsonian Termed 'Endangered'; Board's Structure Questioned (Post, April 12, 2007, Page C01)
Smithsonian Officials Serve On Board Of Its Insurer: Chubb Group Compensated Ex-Secretary and Deputy With Cash and Stock Options (Post, April 11, 2007, Page C01)
No Shortage Of Names for Smithsonian Successor: Before Search Committee Even Forms, Candidates Emerge for Secretary (Post, March 28, 2007, Page C01)
Smithsonian IG Found Personal Use Of Resources (Post, April 10, 2007, Page A01)
Tuesday, March 27, 2 p.m.: Smithsonian's Small Quits in Wake of Inquiry (, March 27, 2007; 2:00 PM)
Smithsonian's Small Quits in Wake of Inquiry (Post, March 27, 2007, Page A01)
Senate Pushes for Smithsonian Reform (Post, March 23, 2007, Page C12)
Smithsonian Taps Scientist As Acting Secretary: Natural History Museum Director Cristián Samper Made Mark in Colombia (Post, March 27, 2007, Page C01)
Former IG Says Small Asked Her To Drop Audit: Smithsonian Secretary's Expenses Questioned in Senate (Post, March 20, 2007, Page C01)
Smithsonian Documents Detail Chief's Expenses: Invoices Include Work on Home of Secretary Small (Post, March 19, 2007, Page A01)
Smithsonian Head's Expenses 'Lavish,' Audit Says: Board Calls Small's Charges 'Reasonable' (Post, February 25, 2007, Page A01)
Report Scrutinizes Smithsonian Salaries: Museum's Inspector General Finds Income From Business Ventures 'Disappointing' (Post, January 31, 2007, Page C01)
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