Coverage: Virginia Tech Shootings
The unauthorized release of thousands of documents related to the April 2007 Virginia Tech massacre has given new voice to killer Seung Hui Cho, who e-mailed regularly with professors in the years prior to the shootings and whom they reached out to repeatedly as it became clearer that he was a...
Va. Tech Strove To Protect Its Image: Memos Show Intent To Stress Healing After Shootings (Post, August 4, 2008, Page B01)
Homes To Honor Va. Tech Victim (Post, July 27, 2008, Page C01)
VIRGINIA TECH: Professor Who Lost His Wife In Killings to Lead Peace Center (Post, May 29, 2008, Page B04)
A Day of Tears at Tech: A Year After 'All of Our Lives Changed,' Mourners Find Unity (Post, April 17, 2008, Page B01)
A Year Later, Va. Tech Is Still Healing: Campus, Community Try to Find Balance in Tragedy's Aftermath (Post, April 16, 2008, Page A01)
Essay: In Blacksburg, An ER Physician Still Tries to Heal (Post, April 16, 2008, Page C01)
Kaine Calls for Day of Va. Tech Remembrance (Post, April 15, 2008; 11:21 AM)
A Year After Massacre, Family Lives 'in Darkness': Parents of Va. Tech Gunman Secluded (Post, April 12, 2008, Page A01)
Va. Tech Families Tentatively Back Deal: Attack Settlement Yet to Be Signed (Post, April 11, 2008, Page A01)
Chief of Panel on Virginia Tech Backs State's Offer (Post, March 27, 2008, Page B01)
Mediator Guiding Deal on Va. Tech: Families of Attack Victims, State Try To Avoid Litigation (Post, March 26, 2008, Page B01)
Proposal Would Clarify Law On Sharing Student Information: Colleges Would Gain Flexibility in Providing Help (Post, March 26, 2008, Page B02)
The Settlement Offer (Post, March 26, 2008, Page B02)
VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE: State Offers Settlement To Families Of Victims (Post, March 25, 2008, Page B03)
Virginia Tech Families Turn Grief Into Cry For Gun Laws: Mourners Fight To Close Loopholes (Post, January 6, 2008, Page C01)
Va. Tech's Norris Hall To House Peace Center: Building Where 30 Were Slain Is Set for Change (Post, December 21, 2007, Page B01)
Va. Tech Victims' Fund Unlikely: State Considering Other Compensation (Post, December 20, 2007, Page B01)
Costumes Of Cho Victims Rile Va. Tech Community (Post, December 9, 2007, Page C01)
Analysis Faults Review Panel And University: Family Liaison Says Committee Played Down Leadership Crisis (Post, November 1, 2007, Page B02)
VIRGINIA TECH: Professor Laments Wall Of Privacy's Rigidity (Post, September 30, 2007, Page C03)
Va. Tech Fund to Be Disbursed Within Weeks (Post, September 24, 2007, Page B03)
Grant to Help Va. Tech Upgrade Counseling: U.S. Funding for Model Program (Post, September 22, 2007, Page B10)
Slain Child Alters Lives After Va. Tech: Parents Planning Memorial At Annandale High School (Post, September 13, 2007, Page PW03)
Va. Tech Victims' Families Weigh Suits Against State: State's Immunity May Be Subjected To Challenge (Post, September 6, 2007, Page B01)
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