Private Armies
Adapted from "Big Boy Rules: America's Mercenaries Fighting in Iraq" (Da Capo Press, 2008)
For Missing Guards' Kin, An Agonizing Conclusion (Post, March 30, 2008, Page A01)
ABDUCTIONS: Authorities Identify Remains Of Two American Contractors (Post, March 25, 2008, Page A10)
Five Severed Fingers Identified as Belonging To Guards Held in Iraq: Four Are From Men Missing 16 Months (Post, March 13, 2008, Page A12)
Warnings Unheeded On Guards In Iraq: Despite Shootings, Security Companies Expanded Presence (Post, December 24, 2007, Page A01)
Iraqis Detail Shooting by Guard Firm: Same Company Involved In Fatal October Incident (Post, November 26, 2007, Page A01)
Grand Jury to Probe Shootings by Guards: Blackwater Among Contractors Facing Scrutiny (Post, November 20, 2007, Page A10)
How Blackwater Sniper Fire Felled 3 Iraqi Guards: Witnesses Call Shooting From Justice Ministry Unprovoked, But State Dept. Cleared Its Security Team After a Brief Probe (Post, November 8, 2007, Page A01)
Blackwater Faced Bedlam, Embassy Finds: 'First Blush' Report Raises New Questions on Shooting (Post, September 28, 2007, Page A01)
U.S. Repeatedly Rebuffed Iraq on Blackwater Complaints (Post, September 23, 2007, Page A18)
Where Military Rules Don't Apply : Blackwater's Security Force in Iraq Given Wide Latitude by State Dept. (Post, September 20, 2007, Page A01)
Cutting Costs, Bending Rules, And a Trail of Broken Lives: Ambush in Iraq Last November Left Four Americans Missing And a String of Questions About the Firm They Worked For (Post, July 29, 2007, Page A01)
In Iraq, a Private Realm Of Intelligence-Gathering: Firm Extends U.S. Government's Reach (Post, July 1, 2007, Page A01)
Iraq Contractors Face Growing Parallel War: As Security Work Increases, So Do Casualties (Post, June 16, 2007, Page A01)
Contractor Says Army Unfairly Closed Bidding (Post, June 7, 2007, Page D03)
Judge Halts Award Of Iraq Contract (Post, June 2, 2007, Page D01)
U.S. Security Contractors Open Fire in Baghdad: Blackwater Employees Were Involved in Two Shooting Incidents in Past Week (Post, May 27, 2007, Page A01)
Second British Firm Bids for Iraq Security Contract (Post, May 12, 2007, Page D01)
Firms Protest Exclusion From Iraq Security Bid (Post, May 5, 2007, Page D01)
Abduction of Americans Reflects Fraying Security in Iraqi South (Post, November 18, 2006, Page A01)
U.S. Soldier Gets 25 Years In Murder of Iraqi Guard: Five GIs Killed in Insurgent Attacks (Post, September 26, 2004, Page A26)
Militants Behead Kurdish Hostages: 2nd Group Says It Holds Iraqi Guardsmen (Post, September 20, 2004, Page A16)
2 Soldiers Among 21 Killed in Iraq Blasts: New Video Purports To Show U.S. Hostages (Post, September 19, 2004, Page A01)

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