Lady Bird Johnson, 1912 - 2007
Lady Bird Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson pictured in 1991 at the LBJ Ranch near Stonewall, Texas. The former first lady died July 11, 2007; she was 94.
Frank Wolfe -- AP
STONEWALL, Tex., July 15 There's been bountiful rain this spring and summer in the Hill Country here. Instead of sun-parched fields, blankets of startling green lie between the stony hills. The bluebonnets are gone for the season, but the Indian paintbrush and mountain pinks, sunflowers and black...
John Hatcher still remembers when Lady Bird Johnson helped him launch a project to beautify his Northeast Washington neighborhood. The year was 1965, and he was 8, a third-grader at Aiton Elementary School. The youngster happened to be reading the newspaper one evening about the First Lady's effo...
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