Karl Rove -- Counselor to the President
Rove, once labeled 'Bush's brain,' anounced Aug. 13 that he will resign from his post as White House deputy chief of staff.
Karl Rove
PHOTOS | Karl Rove's departure from the White House at the end of the month caps the latest phase of his long career as President Bush's chief political strategist. Rove rose to power as longtime aide to the Bush family. His controversial brand of attack politics frustrated Democrats and, until the 2006 midterm elections, was celebrated in GOP circles. (Win McNamee - Getty Images)
Thirteen months before President Bush was reelected, chief strategist Karl Rove summoned political appointees from around the government to the Old Executive Office Building. The subject of the Oct. 1, 2003, meeting was "asset deployment," and the message was clear:
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