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MOVIE REVIEW: Movie review: 'Budrus,' redefining the cinematic hero (Post, October 29, 2010)
Heard any good movies lately?: In 'Secretariat' and 'Buried,' sound blends with visual images to create a unique and believable world (Post, October 24, 2010)
inside job: Movie Review: 'Inside Job' is a shocking look at the 2008 financial meltdown (Post, October 22, 2010; 1:55 AM)
New West End to extend D.C.'s shrinking stock of movie theaters (Post, October 22, 2010; 12:02 AM)
D.C.'s West End Cinema to open Oct. 29, offering outlet for smaller films (Post, October 21, 2010; 3:10 PM)
Returning to trying times for a 'Lesson for Today': 'Nuremberg,' a 1948 documentary to aid German denazification, resonates anew (Post, October 8, 2010)
Secretariat: Movie review: 'Secretariat' will run away with your heart (Post, October 8, 2010)
IT'S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY: Not much to get psyched about (Post, October 8, 2010)
Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today: Movie Review: Return to trying times for a 'Lesson for Today' (Post, October 8, 2010)
Making change at the box office: 'Waiting for "Superman" ' is the latest movie in a studio's quest to have an impact (Post, October 3, 2010)
Public friend No. 1?: Hero, villain or both, Facebook's founder hovers over two new films (Post, October 1, 2010)
The Social Network: Movie review: 'The Social Network' is hard not to like (Post, October 1, 2010)
Buried: Movie Review: Thriller 'Buried' is good to the last gasp (Post, October 1, 2010)
After her breakout year, Carey Mulligan still garnering praise for acting: Even after a breakout year, the British actress keeps fighting for the right roles (Post, September 24, 2010)
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: Movie review: In 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,' greed is good again (Post, September 24, 2010)
A haunting universe (Post, September 24, 2010)
Catfish: Movie review: 'Catfish' seems too good to be true (Post, September 24, 2010)
At Toronto Film Festival, mainstream matched by the more cerebral (Post, September 17, 2010)
The Town: Movie Review: 'The Town' shows Affleck is moving in the right direction (Post, September 17, 2010)
Ben Affleck keeps expanding beyond actor's box (Post, September 15, 2010)
Upcoming fall movies have something for everybody: Fall releases suggest Hollywood is not so narrow-minded after all (Post, September 12, 2010)
Movie Review: 'The Tillman Story' tackles story of soldier lost to far more than friendly fire: 'The Tillman Story' bravely tackles the saga of a soldier lost to far more than friendly fire (Post, September 3, 2010)
THE TILLMAN STORY: Debunking the myth-making of the U.S. military (Post, September 3, 2010)
The American: George Clooney isn't bulletproof (Post, September 3, 2010)
CENTURION: A poor excuse for violence (Post, September 3, 2010)

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