Tensions Rise in Turkey

Map of Turkey
ANKARA, TURKEY - As a child, Emrah Kilic couldn't understand a word his grandmother was saying. That's because she was speaking Kurdish, the family's ancestral language, whose public use was harshly suppressed in the name of forging a unified Turkish nation.
'The Turkish 9/11' (By Jackson Diehl, December 6, 2010)
Iraq's Maliki finishes Mideast tour, seeks support for 2nd term (Post, October 22, 2010)
Turkey's vote on constitution also a referendum on its premier (Post, September 11, 2010)
Gates Speaks of Quicker Troop Decrease in Iraq (Post, July 30, 2009)
Admirers, Hopeful of Change, Await U.S. President in Turkey (Post, April 5, 2009)
Retaliatory Turkish Airstrikes Target Kurdish Rebels in Iraq (Post, October 6, 2008)
Turkey Presses Iraqis After Attack by Rebels (Post, October 5, 2008)
Turks Mourn Blast Victims; Rebels Deny Culpability (Post, July 29, 2008)
16 Killed, 150 Hurt by Two Bombs in Istanbul: Turkish Police Are Said to Suspect Kurdish Rebels (Post, July 28, 2008)
U.S. Consulate in Istanbul Is Attacked: Gunmen Kill 3 Policemen Outside Gate Before Being Fatally Shot Themselves (Post, July 10, 2008)
A Kurdish Society of Soldiers: In Rugged N. Iraq, Guerrillas Forge a Unity Based on Hardship and Defiance (Post, March 8, 2008)
Turkey Resumes Strikes in Iraq's North (Post, March 6, 2008)
Turkish Troops Leaving N. Iraq: Withdrawal Comes a Day After Statements by Bush, Gates (Post, March 1, 2008)
Some Turks Question Timing of Iraq Push: Did Incursion Just Happen to Coincide With Easing of Ban on Head Scarves? (Post, February 28, 2008)
Iraq Sounds Alarm on Clashes in North: Turkey Warned Not to Expand Offensive Against Kurdish Rebels (Post, February 26, 2008)
Turkey Sends Soldiers Into N. Iraq: Offensive Against Kurdish Separatists Alarms Baghdad (Post, February 23, 2008)
Turkey's Gul Signs Head Scarf Measure (Post, February 23, 2008)
Turkey Bombs Villages In N. Iraq: Suspected Hideouts Of Kurdish Rebels Targeted in Strikes (Post, February 5, 2008)
Bush's Diplomatic Amends (By Jackson Diehl, January 14, 2008)
Bombing Targets Troops in Turkey's Kurdish Area; 5 Civilians Die (Post, January 4, 2008)
Turkish Warplanes Again Cross Border To Bomb in N. Iraq: Strike Against Rebel Kurds Is at Least 3rd In 10 Days; White House Urges Restraint (Post, December 27, 2007)
Turkish Planes Bomb Northern Iraq for Second Consecutive Day (Post, December 24, 2007)
Turkey Sends Troops Into Iraq to Battle Kurdish Rebels: Operation Overshadows Rice Visit to Baghdad (Post, December 19, 2007)
U.S. Helps Turkey Hit Rebel Kurds In Iraq: Intelligence Role Could Complicate Diplomacy (Post, December 18, 2007)
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