Full Coverage: Western U.S. Wildfires
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 28 -- The fires of Southern California were largely abating on Sunday. Hills on both ends of San Diego County still blazed, as did a wooded canyon in Orange County and the tall, dead trees of the San Bernardino Mountains. But with a weekend of favorable winds and even a smattering...
In One Cul-De-Sac, Neighbors Are All That's Left (Post, October 28, 2007, Page A01)
Progress Reported in Fight Against Fires (Post, October 27, 2007, Page A03)
Wildfire Losses Were Budgeted: Insurers Say $1 Billion In Damage Is Within Calif. Expected Range (Post, October 26, 2007, Page D01)
Mall Haven: As California Burns, Bastions of Retail Therapy Have Become Beacons of Safety for Some Evacuees (Post, October 26, 2007, Page C01)
Wildfires Wane as Bush Visits California: Danger Remains, but Battle Is Being Won (Post, October 26, 2007, Page A03)
SURVEYING THE DAMAGE: Smoking Rubble, Police Barricades and a Lot of Anxious Residents (Post, October 25, 2007, Page A06)
Lonely Planet: Satellite Pictures Drive Home The Fragility of Our Earth (Post, October 25, 2007, Page C01)
Calif. Firefighters Get Their Chance: Diminishing Santa Ana Winds Let Crews Focus on Attacking the Wildfires (Post, October 25, 2007, Page A01)
California Fires Continue to Rage: Evacuation May Be Largest, Officials Say (Post, October 24, 2007, Page A01)
In the Great State of Serenity, Staying Cool Amid the Flames (Post, October 24, 2007, Page A01)
One Killed as Wildfires Rage in Western States (Post, July 9, 2007, Page A08)
Fire Sweeps Across Calif. Island: 3,500 Evacuated From Tiny Catalina; Return Has Begun (Post, May 12, 2007, Page A07)
At Least 2,000 Flee as California Fires Spread: University, Thousands of Homes in Danger (Post, October 22, 2007, Page A13)
As Houses Rise in the Wild, So Do Fire Concerns (Post, October 30, 2006, Page A09)
2,000 Homes Evacuated In California Wildfires: Prescribed Burn May Be Cause, Official Says (Post, February 8, 2006, Page A03)
Calif. Blaze Spreads After Firefighters' Deaths: Reward Increased To $500,000 in Suspected Arson (Post, October 28, 2006, Page A03)
Santa Ana Winds Feed Calif. Blaze: Residents Evacuate Homes (Post, November 19, 2005, Page A14)
Fires Erupt in Southern Calif.: Blazes, Earlier Than Usual, Are Fueled by Drought and Record Heat (Post, May 5, 2004, Page A03)
Wildfires Rage Across Southern California: Blazes Fueled by Brush and Fanned by Santa Ana Winds Burn 17,000-Plus Acres (Post, September 30, 2005, Page A03)

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