PHARMACEUTICAL ROULETTE | A Vast, Unregulated Shadow Market
First of five articles For half a century Americans could boast of the world's safest, most tightly regulated system for distributing prescription drugs. But now that system is undercut by a growing illegal trade in pharmaceuticals, fed by criminal profiteers, unscrupulous wholesalers, rogue Inte...
Higher Prices, More Compromises (Post, October 19, 2003, Page A16)
Father Leads Clan to Drug Sale Riches -- and Prison (Post, October 19, 2003, Page A17)
PHARMACEUTICAL ROULETTE | How the Internet Became a Pipeline for Deadly Drugs: Internet Trafficking in Narcotics Has Surged (Post, October 20, 2003, Page A01)
Internet Cases (Post, October 20, 2003, Page A14)
Doctors Medicate Strangers on Web: Some Physicians Face Own Troubles (Post, October 22, 2003, Page A01)
Web Physician Says He Did No Harm: Thousands of Patients Received Painkillers Without Being Examined (Post, October 16, 2003, Page A14)
The Victims (Post, October 21, 2003, Page A15)
Experimentation Turns Deadly for One Teenager (Post, October 21, 2003, Page A15)
PHARMACEUTICAL ROULETTE | The Shadow Market and Counterfeit Drugs: Lax System Allows Criminals To Invade the Supply Chain (Post, October 22, 2003, Page A01)
Nevada Gets Tough, With Mixed Results (Post, October 22, 2003, Page A16)
Medicaid Is Start of Drug Resale Trail (Post, October 16, 2003, Page A17)
Millions of Americans Look Outside U.S. for Drugs: Desire for Low Prices Often Outweighs Obeying Law (Post, October 23, 2003, Page A01)
Canada Is a Discount Pharmacy for Americans: FDA Doing Little to Stop Cross-Border Trade in Drugs (Post, October 23, 2003, Page A17)
Warnings Target Rogue Drug Sites: Campaign Aimed at Illegal Pharmacies (Post, October 24, 2003, Page A07)
Google to Limit Some Drug Ads: Web Giants Asked to Help Discourage Illicit Online Pharmacies (Post, December 18, 2003, Page A01)
Trade Groups Call for Tighter Drug Distribution Rules (Post, December 4, 2003, Page A18)
Miami Man Charged With Selling Counterfeit Lipitor (Post, December 6, 2003, Page E01)
Firms Pressed on Internet Drugs: Senate Panel Writes to Credit Card Companies, Shippers (Post, December 10, 2003, Page A04)

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