In the Aftermath of 9/11
The terrorists who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks were bankrolled with $500,000 from overseas that financed an operation planned and launched several years ago in Germany, with crucial support in Britain, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan, senior government officials have concluded.
Hijackers Led Core Group : Suspects Left Trail of Movements In U.S. Through Licenses, Rentals (, September 30, 2001; 12:08 AM)
U.S. Was Foiled Multiple Times in Efforts To Capture Bin Laden or Have Him Killed : Sudan's Offer to Arrest Militant Fell Through After Saudis Said No (, October 3, 2001; 12:13 AM)
CIA Trained Pakistanis to Nab Terrorist But Military Coup Put an End to 1999 Plot (, October 3, 2001; 12:18 AM)
FBI, CIA Warn Congress of More Attacks As Blair Details Case Against Bin Laden: Retaliation Feared If U.S. Strikes Afghanistan (, October 5, 2001; 12:21 AM)
CIA Told to Do 'Whatever Necessary' to Kill Bin Laden : Agency and Military Collaborating at 'Unprecedented' Level; Cheney Says War Against Terror 'May Never End' (, October 21, 2001; 12:26 AM)
A Deliberate Strategy of Disruption : Massive, Secretive Detention Effort Aimed Mainly at Preventing More Terror (, November 4, 2001; 12:29 AM)
Secret CIA Units Playing A Central Combat Role (, November 18, 2001; 12:32 AM)
50 Countries Detain 360 Suspects at CIA's Behest: Roundup Reflects Aggressive Efforts of an Intelligence Coalition Viewed as Key to War on Terrorism (, November 22, 2001; 12:35 AM)
U.S. Says New Tape Points to Bin Laden : Words Suggest Sept. 11 Planning Role (, December 9, 2001; 12:38 AM)
In Hijacker's Bags, a Call to Planning, Prayer and Death (, November 18, 2007; 3:56 PM)

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