Election Watch: Russia Votes
MOSCOW, March 2 -- After 24 hours of voting across 11 time-zones, Russians handed Dmitry Medvedev an overwhelming victory in the presidential election Sunday despite a lackluster campaign that was more coronation than contest from the moment last December when President Vladimir Putin endorsed him.
Despite Spotlight, Putin's Heir Still Shadowy: Medvedev Assured of Win, but Many Russians Unsure What Will Follow (Post, March 2, 2008, Page A01)
Monitor Declines Role in Russian Vote: European Group Says 'Severe Restrictions' Frustrate Mission (Post, February 8, 2008, Page A16)
Europe Election Monitors Might Forgo Russian Vote: Restrictions by Moscow Called Too Severe (Post, January 30, 2008, Page A10)
Prime Time for Putin's Anointed: Favorite for Election, Medvedev Is Heavily Favored in Coverage (Post, January 30, 2008, Page A10)
Election Officials Bar Putin's Ex-Premier From Presidential Race (Post, January 28, 2008, Page A18)
Kremlin Uses Military Draft To Curb Foes, Activists Say (Post, January 26, 2008, Page A10)
A Russian Candidacy In Peril: Authorities Scrutinize Putin Foe's Campaign (Post, January 23, 2008, Page A10)
2nd Aspirant To Russia's Presidency Quits Race (Post, December 27, 2007, Page A12)
Kasparov Ends Bid for Russian Presidency: Putin Critic Says Official Harassment Kept Him From Convening Nomination Meeting (Post, December 14, 2007, Page A30)
Probable Successor to Putin Backs Him as Next Premier: Reshaping of Russian Power Structure Foreseen (Post, December 12, 2007, Page A22)
Putin Anoints Successor To Russian Presidency : Deputy Premier Is Longtime Loyalist (Post, December 11, 2007, Page A01)
Pro-Kremlin Party Chiefs Play Roles to Perfection: Four 'Propose' Run by Putin's Candidate (Post, December 11, 2007, Page A16)
Putin, Long Taciturn About His Future, Has Put Scenarios in Play, Analysts Say (Post, December 9, 2007, Page A29)
Europeans Call Russia Vote 'Not Fair': Landslide Win by Kremlin Bloc Followed Official 'Abuse of Power,' Two Groups Say (Post, December 4, 2007, Page A14)
Russian Voters Turn Out for Putin and United Russia: Win by President's Party Central to His Ambitions; Opposition Cries Foul (Post, December 3, 2007, Page A12)
Party Led By Putin Steamrolls Opponents: Intimidation Cited As Elections Loom (Post, November 30, 2007, Page A01)
Putin Accuses U.S. of Interference: State Dept., European Agency Deny Allegations Over Decision Not to Monitor Election (Post, November 27, 2007, Page A10)
Russia Pursues Crackdown: Leaders of an Opposition Party Among Scores Detained as Police Disperse March in St. Petersburg (Post, November 26, 2007, Page A10)
Kasparov Detained After Anti-Putin Rally in Moscow: Protests Broken Up in Other Cities; Candidate Shot on Wednesday Dies (Post, November 25, 2007, Page A14)

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