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In "The Trinity Six," Charles Cumming takes a brilliant fictional look at the greatest spy scandal of the 20th century.
Patrick Anderson reviews Keith Thomson's 'Twice a Spy' (Post, March 6, 2011; 10:37 PM)
'The Collaborator': Taking on a modern-day Italian crime family (Post, February 20, 2011; 9:52 PM)
Book World: Patrick Anderson reviews 'The Devotion of Suspect X' (Post, February 6, 2011; 6:19 PM)
Review of 'Heartstone' by C.J. Sansom (Post, January 23, 2011; 9:27 PM)
Review of 'Damage,' a legal thriller by John Lescroart (Post, January 2, 2011; 5:26 PM)
Review of Peter James's thriller 'Dead Like You' (Post, December 19, 2010; 8:39 PM)
Review of 'Nights of the Red Moon,' thriller set in East Texas, by Milton Burton (Post, December 5, 2010; 7:59 PM)
BOOK WORLD: Family circle of violence: An unflinching mystery of darkness, degradation (Post, November 15, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: An old-school reporter tracks down a story -- and a killer (Post, November 1, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: In the West Wing: Love, ambition, betrayal and backstabbing (Post, October 18, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: Tough times, hard knocks: Crime and survival in the New Depression (Post, October 4, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: A happy life, imperiled by a bizarre and brutal encounter (Post, September 20, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: Forsyth's war on drugs: All-out and all fantasy (Post, September 6, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: Laura Lippman again sets a high bar for the thriller (Post, August 16, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: New York and Bangkok: Tales of urban corruption, worlds apart (Post, August 2, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: Abduction, rape, escape. Then things get tough. (Post, July 19, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: From a former CIA 'alchemist,' a bracing tragicomic brew (Post, July 5, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: War and spies and romance in a Furst-rate WWII thriller (Post, June 21, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: Need a lift? Cabbie's tale is well worth hailing (Post, June 12, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: A senator whose affairs are not in order, and that's just for starters (Post, May 31, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: Stieg Larsson's super 'Girl' packs final, powerful punch (Post, May 24, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: Freeing hostages in Pakistan, shedding light on age-old enmities (Post, May 10, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: A thriller of Shakespearean proportions (Post, May 3, 2010)
BOOK WORLD: A novel from the coal mines: Darkness at the end of the tunnel (Post, April 19, 2010)
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