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Food Fight: Eggs and cashews, dinner parties and dating -- for Allergy Girl, each brings its own complications (Post, March 15, 2009)
Room to Grow: The apartment was the first step toward total independence. So why couldn't I get off the futon? (Post, March 8, 2009)
Battling Lightning: The horse was willful and hard to handle -- but nothing compared to what Haley had going on at home (Post, February 22, 2009)
The Crossing: Lacking a visa, could I remember how to be an American? (Post, February 15, 2009)
Doing Without in Doha: Among the losses that came with being an expat, ice cream bars and coffee filters were the least of it (Post, February 8, 2009)
Sister Act: Sometimes, the family that everyone steers clear of just happens to be yours (Post, February 1, 2009)
Suspended Disbelief: Guilty or not, it's a tragedy (Post, January 25, 2009)
No, She Can't: A young liberal's personal financial meltdown (Post, January 18, 2009)
F for Effort: When a son's research includes a place called Fuccerham and the Norwegian word for foam, it's time to say, 'Oh, [expletive]! (Post, January 4, 2009)
Kickboxing Like a Girl: To learn to bash and slam, we're told to envision fluffing and clearing -- should I object? (Post, December 28, 2008)
The Magic of Television: A magician, a biker and a motorcycle girl -- and none of us what we seem (Post, December 21, 2008)
My Mom, the Adulteress: Don't be fooled by her teacher sweater: There's a reason she's glued an 'A' on there. (Post, December 14, 2008)
Knife Fight: Battling the cancer came naturally. Surrendering to my surgeon -- that was another story. (Post, December 7, 2008)
Death Notice: My husband's passing was searingly painful. So why couldn't I stop mentioning it? (Post, November 30, 2008)
Role-ing With the Punches: Do they give an Oscar for self-mortification? (Post, November 23, 2008)
Single-Minded: The hardest part of parenting alone? Smug marrieds. (Post, November 16, 2008)
Vanishing Act: She showed up one night, brokenhearted and needing a place to stay. What's an old friend to do? (Post, November 9, 2008)
Too Close for Comfort: Breaking up with a roommate is hard to do (Post, November 2, 2008)
Soup's On: We are all hungry, but for what? (Post, October 26, 2008)
Hot for Hillary: At the Arlington phone bank, we were women of a certain age -- and, boy, were we peeved (Post, October 19, 2008)
The Close-Nit Family: My son was a magnet for lice the way I was a magnet for lousy men (Post, October 12, 2008)
Far From Kosher: Dying, broke, but still randy, Dad never stopped looking for transformation (Post, October 5, 2008)
Boundary Issues: My therapist, her housekeeper, Immigration and me (Post, September 28, 2008)
False Notes: What I was playing, she just wasn't buying (Post, September 21, 2008)
Parallel Lives: The rise and fall of a curbside love affair (Post, September 14, 2008)

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