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The problem, most likely, is that you're on Match.com, but your soul mate is swimming over on PlentyOfFish. Or eHarmony, or Date.com, or American Singles, or one of the other eight gazillion dating sites that have popped up in the last 10 years. What are you supposed to do, monitor all of them? B...
Is it time to go out and play yet? Gotta be, right? Every possible drop of rain must have fallen by now.
The e-mail came in with a subject line that demanded a double take: "News -- First ever online sexual compatibility profile service launched."
It has been more than five years since the words Greg Behrendt spoke to a co-worker with boy problems -- "He's just not that into you" -- entered the national lexicon to become the catchphrase of choice for confused singles.
OVER THE PAST FOUR YEARS, psychologist Gian Gonzaga has spent his days dissecting love as the lead researcher inside eHarmony Labs, the online dating service's think tank, where Gonzaga and his colleagues observe and analyze romantic relationships.
Two weeks ago we ran a column discussing author Alex Benzer's theory that dating is more difficult for smart people. And heavens, did you people have something to say about that.
It's a classic tale from the files of almost every veteran online dater. Finally , on date No. 1,264, someone interesting shows up. Cute and smart and in possession of whatever that rare thing is that makes the heart quicken and time stop.
Alex Benzer, a Harvard grad and author of "The Tao of Dating" books, created a stir last month by declaring that the smart people of the world have the toughest time dating.
Christian Wiklund didn't set out to run a dating company.
Nick Jovanovic will tell you there's something magic about the mix of sweaty jerseys and cheap beer. When combined, they can lead to romance.
If "doing good" and "dating more" both hold spots at the top of your priority list, you might want to show up at Lacey Woods Park in Arlington on Saturday.
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