The Obama administration's foreclosure prevention program reached about 850,000 homeowners through December, including more than 50,000 in the Washington region, according to Treasury Department data released Friday, but the effort continues to struggle to make a significant impact.
Tax on large financial firms designed to pay for TARP losses: Obama plan would collect $90 billion over 10 years (Post, January 15, 2010)
FDIC pushes to rein in banker pay: Proposal would tie fees to compensation; other agencies oppose plan (Post, January 13, 2010)
Are investors pushing in the right direction?: In focus on bonds, some analysts see misplaced caution (Post, January 10, 2010)
Financial crisis panel calls on bankers: YEAR-LONG INQUIRY OPENS
Goal is to learn 'what the heck happened'
(Post, January 8, 2010)
FDIC may penalize banks whose pay practices encourage risky moves: Agency's board to discuss issue at Tuesday meeting (Post, January 8, 2010)
Despite ghastly start, '09 a good year: STOCKS POSTED STRONG GAINS
S& P index up 65% since March low
(Post, January 1, 2010)
China denounces U.S. trade ruling on steel pipes: Beijing says blame for lower demand is misplaced (Post, January 1, 2010)
U.S. to give $3.8 billion more in aid to GMAC: Move makes government the majority owner of troubled auto lender (Post, December 31, 2009)
Financial regulation deal is in works: SENATE BILL EXPECTED SOON
Banking panel's leaders resolve key differences
(Post, December 25, 2009)
Grassley puts pressure on Treasury: Senator angered by Citigroup tax breaks, penalties on small firms (Post, December 24, 2009)
More bailed-out banks miss payments: SMALLER FIRMS LAG
55 owe dividends to the government
(Post, December 22, 2009)
Full Senate to vote on Bernanke: PANEL ADVANCES RENOMINATION
Sharp debate hints at difficult confirmation
(Post, December 18, 2009)
U.S. postpones selling its stake in Citigroup as share price slumps: Stock drops 20 percent Investors concerned about bank's health (Post, December 17, 2009)
Bank of America defends its efforts to modify mortgages: Fewer borrowers than estimated are eligible for program, lender says (Post, December 17, 2009)
SEC tightens rules for advisers, boards: An attempt to avoid Madoff repeat, make firms more transparent (Post, December 17, 2009)
Tax deal is worth billions to Citigroup: DEAL MADE TO RECOVER BAILOUT
Firms exempted from rule when U.S. sells its stake
(Post, December 16, 2009)
Obama calls on banks to ramp up lending: Executives brought to White House as loans dry up in recession (Post, December 15, 2009)
Citigroup, Wells Fargo to repay bailouts: NINE BIG BANKS NOW HAVE DEALS
Both sides eager to wind down TARP
(Post, December 15, 2009)
Obama presses heads of largest banks to lend more: White House to push for greater regulation, curbs on executive pay (Post, December 14, 2009; 1:37 PM)
Obama presses bank chiefs to lend more: White House to push for greater regulation, curbs on executive pay (Post, December 14, 2009)
Bank of America to repay U.S.: Firm will be first to reimburse taxpayers completely for bailout (Post, December 3, 2009)
AIG completes deal to reduce debt to Fed by $25 billion, vows to pay back taxpayers (Post, December 2, 2009)
'Cyber Monday' traffic rises 8%: 1st big online sales day of holiday season brings cheer for retailers (Post, December 2, 2009)
2.8% drop in lending is largest since 1984: Reduction, especially by large banks, seen as impediment to recovery (Post, November 25, 2009)
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