Mount Pleasant Apartment Fire
The District held out the promise of relief to hundreds of tenants living in deteriorating buildings yesterday, suing 23 property owners whose 71 rental buildings have a history of "egregious" code violations.
Code Violations Plague Owner: Burned Mt. Pleasant Building Not NWJ's Only Troubled D.C. Property (Post, March 29, 2008, Page A01)
Victims of Fire Pick Up Pieces Of Their Lives: Tenants Start to Retrieve Belongings From Heavily Damaged NW Building (Post, March 25, 2008, Page B01)
MOUNT PLEASANT APARTMENTS: City Will Offer Rent Subsidies for Fire Victims (Post, March 20, 2008, Page B02)
Displaced by Fire, Tenants Brace For Trying Ordeal: City Scrambles to Find Shelter for Renters (Post, March 16, 2008, Page C12)
Fire Clues Still Inaccessible: Instability of D.C. Apartment Building Delays Start of Close Investigation (Post, March 15, 2008, Page B01)
D.C. Blaze Displaces Nearly 200: Northwest Apartment Building Had History of Code Violations (Post, March 14, 2008, Page A01)

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