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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Compensation for America Electric Power's CEO increased 22 percent last year, according to Associated Press calculations of data in a regulatory filing.
General Electric, Aflac, Lubrizol are among big market movers Monday (Post, March 14, 2011; 4:40 PM)
SEC chairman: Former general counsel should not have worked on Madoff fallout (Post, March 10, 2011; 10:56 PM)
Study recommends SEC reorganization (Post, March 10, 2011; 9:35 PM)
Study: SEC needs bigger budget for growing workload (Post, March 10, 2011; 12:36 PM)
SEC head says she relied on counsel tied to Madoff account to sort out any conflict (Post, March 9, 2011; 10:39 PM)
Westbury, SEC settle case of D.C. charter-school funds (Post, March 7, 2011; 8:02 PM)
SEC inspector general probing agency's handling of Madoff fraud (Post, March 4, 2011; 10:31 PM)
SEC inspector general investigating agency's handling of Madoff fraud: (Post, March 4, 2011; 1:12 PM)
SEC grapples with task of purging credit ratings from rules for money-market funds (Post, March 2, 2011; 10:24 PM)
House Republicans press SEC on official's ties to Madoff (Post, March 1, 2011; 8:37 PM)
Ex-member of Goldman Sachs, Procter & Gamble boards charged with insider trading (Post, March 1, 2011; 8:37 PM)
Republicans question SEC official's tie to Madoff (Post, February 24, 2011; 11:32 PM)
Madoff victims' trustee seeks payouts from family of David Becker, SEC general counsel (Post, February 23, 2011; 8:29 PM)
SEC names Sean McKessy to head new whistleblower office (Post, February 18, 2011; 8:21 PM)
Regulators report on efforts to put financial overhaul in place (Post, February 17, 2011; 10:44 PM)
In an Amish village, the SEC alleges a Madoff-like fraud (Post, February 17, 2011; 12:56 AM)
Federal investigators expose vast web of insider trading (Post, February 12, 2011; 3:13 PM)
SEC charges former IndyMac executives with fraud (Post, February 11, 2011; 8:10 PM)
Potential NYSE, Deutsche Borse deal causes concern (Post, February 10, 2011; 8:04 PM)
Justice Dept. charges 4 with insider trading; 2 defendants accused of 'brazen coverup' (Post, February 8, 2011; 10:52 PM)
Asset management division's stumbles tarnish Goldman Sachs (Post, February 5, 2011; 9:47 PM)
SEC Chair Schapiro: Budget freeze hurts ability to regulate financial markets (Post, February 4, 2011; 8:50 PM)
TD Ameritrade, AXA Rosenberg hit with SEC enforcement actions (Post, February 3, 2011; 9:04 PM)
Government report blames regulators and financial institutions for economic crisis (Post, January 27, 2011; 9:42 PM)
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