Barack Obama may not be elected president, but it's impossible to deny that what we are witnessing is something new.
Why the former president has traded silver-maned statesmanship for red-faced anger.
Playing the race card against Barack Obama didn't work out quite the way Bill Clinton had hoped.
How long will it take Hillary Clinton to realize that she has almost no chance in this election?
How weird is this presidential election? So weird that I'm about to give a nod of appreciation (of sorts) to Geraldo Rivera, of all people -- and also to, gulp, Fox News.
Take a moment to consider the mind-bending improbability of what Obama just accomplished.
There is one group of black Americans that has achieved success and one that hasn't.
African-Americans' love of country may be complicated, but it is deep and strong.
When it's over, what will we do to fill the void in our lives?
Why this election provoked such a deeply emotional reaction.

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