Story Archive: Chrysler's Woes

FTC Urged to Require Warnings on Chryslers (Post, July 3, 2009)
Some Chrysler Dealers Denied Loans Under New GMAC Rules (Post, June 26, 2009)
Dealers Say They Were Led Astray in Chrysler's Final Days (Post, June 16, 2009)
In TV Ads, Chrysler, GM Diverge on Image Repair (Post, June 12, 2009)
Closing the Door on Old Chrysler: Detroit Suburb Braces for Its Loss as Automaker Steers Down New Road With Fiat (Post, June 11, 2009)
Obama Aide Defends GM, Chrysler Strategy (Post, June 11, 2009)
Supreme Court Clears the Way for Chrysler Sale (Post, June 10, 2009)
Supreme Court Delays Chrysler's Swift Sale: Justices May Consider Creditors' Appeal (Post, June 9, 2009)
Lenders Ask Supreme Court To Review Chrysler's Sale (Post, June 8, 2009)
Appeals Court Approves Fiat's Purchase of Chrysler (Post, June 6, 2009)
Dealers Fight Chrysler Franchise Cuts in Court (Post, June 5, 2009)
Chrysler Takes Heat Over Viper Offer (Post, June 5, 2009)
Chrysler Enters Legal Homestretch: Lenders Outline Arguments as Bankruptcy Case Moves to Appeals Court (Post, June 5, 2009)
Chrysler Deal With Fiat Hits Legal Road Bump: Outcome of Appeal by Lenders Could Also Affect GM's Plans (Post, June 4, 2009)
Chrysler, GM Officials to Defend Dealership Closures (Post, June 3, 2009; 3:08 PM)
Chrysler Sale Faces Challenge in Appeals Court (Post, June 3, 2009)
Chrysler Gets Judge's Approval for Asset Sale (Post, June 1, 2009; 10:44 AM)
Minivan Struggles to Top Its Chrysler Cousins (By Warren Brown, May 31, 2009)
Opponents of Chrysler Sale Fight to the End in Court (Post, May 30, 2009)
GM, Chrysler Positioned to Move Through Bankruptcy at Top Speed (Post, May 29, 2009)
Chrysler on Pace for Swift Finish to Restructuring: Judge to Rule On Asset Sale To Fiat Group (Post, May 27, 2009)
New Group of Creditors Tries to Block Chrysler's Sale (Post, May 21, 2009)
Chrysler Scoured the Globe for a Partner: From Automaker's Overtures Dating to 2007, Fiat Emerged as Only Viable Option (Post, May 17, 2009)
Chrysler Pulls Out of Hundreds of Franchises: More Than a Dozen Showrooms in Washington and Scores Across the Nation Lose a Mainstay, Leaving Dealership Owners and Employees Rattled (Post, May 15, 2009)
Chrysler Lenders Drop Opposition to Sale Plan: Decision Improves Odds for Restructuring (Post, May 9, 2009)
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