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A civil jury in Prince George's County is sorting out what happened in a Langley Park apartment in an incident in which a moonlighting police officer fatally shot a man.
Pr. George's, Berwyn Heights mayor settle (Post, January 25, 2011)
Prince George's settles suit by Berwyn Heights mayor over storming of home (Post, January 24, 2011; 7:29 PM)
Hylton out as Pr. George's police chief; interim leader named (Post, December 7, 2010)
Roberto Hylton ousted as Prince George's County police chief (Post, December 6, 2010; 6:24 PM)
Town's ex-mayor returns from Iraq: Berwyn Heights Marine won Bronze Star for coordinating arms sales (Post, August 26, 2010)
Whatever Happened To ... the mayor whose dogs were shot (Post, August 15, 2010)
Police account of dog shooting disputed: Owner says deputies didn't knock before entering Md. home (Post, August 10, 2010)
Family's dog killed by Pr. George's sheriff's deputy: Rottweiler charged officer serving eviction notice, officials say (Post, August 7, 2010)
Pr. George's sheriff launches campaign for county executive: Jackson highlights experience in field for Democratic primary (Post, April 1, 2010)
Big surprises come in suspicious packages (Post, February 26, 2010)
A wrong address for some high priority mail (By Petula Dvorak, February 26, 2010)
Prospect of budget cuts dominates lawmakers' year: Recession squeezes tax revenue at all levels; Maryland faces shortfall of more than $1.5 billion (Post, January 7, 2010)
Sheriff stands by his men at what cost? (Post, November 19, 2009)
Sheriff Says Deputies 'Did Their Job': Review Finds No Wrongdoing in SWAT Raid That Killed Dogs (Post, June 20, 2009)
STATE GOVERNMENT: SWAT Scrutiny Bill Is Signed Into Law (Post, May 20, 2009)
LEGISLATIVE SESSION: House Approves Early-Voting Bill, Ban on Chemical in Baby Bottles (Post, March 29, 2009)
GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Bill Calls for More Scrutiny Of SWAT Teams by Police (Post, February 5, 2009)
Lawyers Find Fault With Pr. George's Drug Arrests (Post, October 14, 2008)
Anguish Allies Disparate Groups: Incidents Involving County Law Enforcement Raise Questions and Concerns and Spark Unity (Post, October 9, 2008)
No Police Work in This Botched Action (By Marc Fisher, September 14, 2008)
Mayor Says Small-Town Leadership Experience Should Not Be Shortchanged (Post, September 11, 2008)
Killing of Mayor's 2 Dogs Justified, Pr. George's Finds: Officers in Raid Threatened, Sheriff Says (Post, September 5, 2008)
Hospitals Get $5.6 Million In Public Funds (Post, August 14, 2008)
Prince George's Police Clear Mayor, Family: Chief Offers No Apology for Drug Raid (Post, August 9, 2008)
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