D.C. Metro Red Line Crash

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NTSB reveals safety recommendations: Metro monitoring circuit modules, working to repair them (Post, August 12, 2010)
After Metro brawl, Lanier says Chinatown police detail is sufficient: But D.C. will increase patrols if Metro asks for help after brawl (Post, August 10, 2010)
Metro board to meet with NTSB on fatal crash probe (Post, August 9, 2010; 10:10 AM)
Just how seriously will Metro act on NTSB's recommendations? (Post, August 1, 2010)
For days, trains were invisible to Metro: ALARMS IGNORED AS 'MINOR' ISSUE
Test could have detected problem before crash
(Post, July 31, 2010)
Metro simply has to get serious about safety (Post, July 29, 2010)
Red Line crash verdict may be felt nationwide (Post, July 27, 2010)
Passengers ride bus driven by impostor: District man accused of wearing Metro uniform, crashing while on route (Post, July 11, 2010)
Metro projects get approval to begin: Bus and rail provided $220 million for safety, reliability upgrades (Post, July 11, 2010)
Metro's directors back $300 million accord with Va.: Deal will allow transit agency to sign contract for 428 new rail cars (Post, July 2, 2010)
Revitalizing Metro, not grandstanding, is a fitting tribute to crash victims (Post, June 24, 2010)
Grief, bitterness as Metro crash's first anniversary is marked: Families fight transit agency's effort to have suit dismissed (Post, June 23, 2010)
Few gains in safety since Metro crash: AGENCY'S RECORD WORSE
Oversight poor; federal regulation bill stalled
(Post, June 22, 2010)
Several ceremonies will honor victims, survivors, rescuers (Post, June 22, 2010)
Ceremonies to recall Red Line crash victims (Post, June 21, 2010)
Va. could jeopardize Metro plan: Federal transit official says McDonnell's threat puts funding at risk (Post, June 18, 2010)
Va. questions Metro funding: AGENCY BOARD AT ISSUE
McDonnell wants statewide members
(Post, June 17, 2010)
Metro switches to electronic safety tracker: Pressure on since crash, real-time incident trail will help spot trends (Post, June 13, 2010)
Metro gets electronic safety monitor: Incident tracking will be immediate Federal, local scrutiny unyielding since crash (Post, June 12, 2010; 2:21 PM)
Metro gets electronic safety monitor: Incident tracking will be immediate Federal, local scrutiny unyielding since crash (Post, June 12, 2010; 2:20 PM)
White House pressures Hill on mass-transit oversight bill: LaHood meeting with leaders as anniversary of Metro crash nears (Post, June 11, 2010)
Metro to survey workers about agency's safety issues (Post, June 10, 2010)
Metro victims' kin feel slighted: NEARLY YEAR SINCE 9 DIED IN CRASH
Families say officials haven't told them of memorial plans
(Post, June 9, 2010)
Increases in Metro fares will hit all riders: 20-cent surcharge approved for peak rush-hour periods; no service cuts are planned (Post, May 28, 2010)
Metro safety report on way: Investigators to issue findings in late July on Red Line crash (Post, May 21, 2010)

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