D.C. Metro Red Line Crash

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Metro identifies safety priorities: Interim leader presents top 10 list at hearing of Senate subcommittee (Post, May 20, 2010)
Metro finds no risk of crash in incident: Operator of Red Line train used emergency brake last week (Post, May 14, 2010)
Metro faulted on incident report: Officials slam transit agency over notice of Wheaton emergency (Post, May 8, 2010)
Metro initiatives for safety, service: Interim leader presents plan; oversight panel responds to U.S. audit (Post, May 5, 2010)
A major sore point for the Silver Line: Airports authority says cost of developing rail car could bust deal with Metro (Post, April 22, 2010)
Stricter oversight of Metro sought: Regional plan calls for safety committee to have more authority (Post, April 21, 2010)
Metro customers turn out at public hearing: Fare increases and cuts in service are chief concerns for patrons (Post, March 25, 2010)
Scathing federal report dissects safety at Metro: Investigators fault transit agency leaders, monitoring committee (Post, March 5, 2010)
Metro to vote on interim manager: Board is expected to approve ex-chief of N.J. transit agency (Post, March 3, 2010)
Metro to fix rollback, rail door safety issues (Post, February 27, 2010)
Maker of signal part faults Metro in crash: Firm says it warned transit agency against mixing device brands (Post, February 25, 2010)
Metro safety delays could be measured in deaths (Post, February 25, 2010)
Safety hearing to look at Metrorail oversight, automated controls (Post, February 24, 2010; 10:13 AM)
2 close calls and June crash linked, Metro official testifies: PREVENTION SYSTEM MALFUNCTIONED
National transportation agency questions commitment to safety
(Post, February 24, 2010)
Safety panel seeks Metro car redesign: Red Line crash in June highlighted the risk of collapse in older models (Post, February 19, 2010)
Metro derails train on wrong track: ERROR ACTIVATES SAFETY SYSTEM
Post-blizzard incident snarls transit system, D.C. traffic
(Post, February 13, 2010)
Metro veteran takes reins of agency's board: Benjamin pledges to make safety a top priority (Post, January 29, 2010)
Metro system seeks a 'Clark Kent': Transit expert must excel at fundraising, culture change, answering to many bosses (Post, January 28, 2010)
NTSB investigating latest Metro fatalities: Two track workers are struck and killed by service vehicle (Post, January 27, 2010)
Metro board is set to gain 2 federal members: STRENGTHENED OVERSIGHT SOUGHT
Transit official and regional planning executive appointed
(Post, January 24, 2010)
Catoe leaving Metro's top job: AGENCY IN BUDGET, SAFETY CRISIS
Fatal accidents have drawn unprecedented criticism
(Post, January 15, 2010)
Catoe might have fallen short, but no one man could have saved Metro (Post, January 15, 2010)
Monitors nearly hit by Metro train: SAFETY TEAM FINDS MANY VIOLATIONS
Report urges 'immediate, short-term corrective action'
(Post, January 7, 2010)
2009's biggest transit news: For better or worse, these developments had a widespread impact on travel in the Washington region during the past year. They either had an immediate effect or will be significant for the future. (Post, December 27, 2009)
Pain ahead for Metro: The transit authority is looking at a combination of cuts and extra money to close a $175 million budget gap. Reductions in service the agency is considering include the elimination of eight-car trains at peak hours and less frequent bus stops. (Post, December 20, 2009)

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