The 'Norfolk 4' Case

ABOUT THIS STORY |  In July 1997, three men confessed to raping and murdering Michelle Moore-Bosko in Norfolk, Va.; a fourth admitted to the rape. Despite later recanting their stories, which they said were coerced by police, all four were convicted. A fifth man later confessed to both crimes alone and was convicted; his was the only DNA found at the crime scene. Va. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine pardoned three of the men, who were still serving jail time, in August 2009. The fourth member of the so called "Norfolk 4," his sentence already served, was not pardoned.

The Norfolk Four
From left, Derek Tice, Danial Williams and Joseph Dick Jr. were pardoned by Va. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine in August 2009. Eric Wilson, who was not pardoned, is not pictured. (AP/The Virginian-Pilot.)

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