D.C. sniper case graphics

Sniper Charges

What Happens Next: After Muhammad's Sentencing
Muhammad Trial Sentencing
Witnesses in Muhammad Trial
Muhammad Found Guilty
Closing Arguments in Muhammad Trial
Milette Dismisses Defense Motions
Prosecution Rests Its Case
Expert Witnesses Testify on Ballistics
Prosecuters Call Expert Witnesses
Witnesses Questioned in Johnson Shooting
Communications with the Sniper
Two Days, Four Shootings
Second Week of Testimony Begins
Muhammad Decides Against Self-Representation
The Evidentiary Case Against John Allen Muhammad
Muhammad Takes Over His Own Defense
Sniper Trial at a Glance
Interactive Courtroom Overview
Judge's Rulings
Voir Dire: Selecting a Jury
Virginia Beach in Profile
Muhammad Trial Begins
Timeline of Malvo Case
Malvo Given a Life Sentence
Jury Deliberates in Malvo Trial
Malvo Found Guilty
Day in Court: Dec. 16 2003
Malvo's Letter to Another Inmate
Day in Court: Dec. 15 2003
Prosecution Challenges Assertion Malvo Didn't Know Right from Wrong
Malvo's First Letters in Jail
Psychologist Describes Relationship Between Muhammad and Malvo as "Pathological Dependence"
Clinical Psychologist Cross-Examined
Psychologist: Malvo's Early Life was Filled with Abandonment
Malvo's Drawings
Judge Issues Gag Order
Malvo's Letter
Judge Disallows Letter as Evidence
Muhammad's First Wife, Oldest Son Testify
Witnesses Testify on Relationship between Malvo and Muhammad
Seventh Day of Testimony in Malvo Trial
Boyle Returns to Stand in Malvo Trial
Malvo Trial: The Day in Court
Prosecutors Call 21 Witnesses in Second Day of Testimony
First Day of Testimony in Malvo Trial
Opening Statements in Malvo Trial
The Malvo Jury
Chesapeake in Profile
Malvo Trial Begins
In the Courtroom
Virginia Jurisprudence
The Meyers Killing
From the Laptop
Ashland Sniper Letter
The Manhunt
The Manhunt
Clues in the Killings
From the Computer
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