The Opinions of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy: A Selection of Op-Eds Published in The Post

On Nov. 9, 2008, Kennedy wrote that while "the cost will be substantial... the need for reform is too great to be deflected or delayed."
On Jan. 7, 2008, Kennedy laid out what aspects of the six-year-old law were working and what had failed.
On Jan. 18, 2004, Kennedy wrote that in the lead up to the Iraq war, President Bush misled Congress and "violated the trust that must exist between government and the people."
On Oct. 3, 1983, Kennedy spoke about the complicated relationship between religion and politics.
On May 19, 1978, Kennedy wrote that the lack of D.C. representation in Congress "defies justice and tramples one of the basic and most cherished rights of representative government."
On Sept. 21, 1973, Kennedy remarked on a "new era of our involvement in the outside world" and declared that "no foreign policy can be any better than the support it receives from the people of the United States."
In a letter published on Jan. 29, 1973, Kennedy defended efforts in Congress to make registering to vote easier.

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