Ted G. Loza

A former top D.C. Council staffer admitted Friday in federal court that he accepted cash for helping push legislation, ending the highest-profile prosecution to emerge from a lengthy federal corruption investigation into how the city government oversees the taxi industry.
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FBI links ex-chief of taxi panel to bribes: Affidavit tells of probe into alleged scheme to obtain D.C. licenses (Post, November 20, 2009)
Citing 'distractions,' Graham gives up D.C. cab oversight (Post, October 20, 2009)
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Taxi Case Defendant Accused Of Threat: Man Wanted Informant 'Eliminated,' Papers Say (Post, October 8, 2009)
U.S. DISTRICT COURT: 29 Plead Not Guilty In Taxi License Case (Post, October 6, 2009)
Three Accused Of Taxi Bribery: Alleged Leaders Sought Licenses (Post, October 3, 2009)
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Arrest Dims Festival's Luster: Graham's Chief of Staff Enjoyed Solid Reputation in Latino Community (Post, September 28, 2009)
Graham Aide's Arrest Rooted In Probe of Taxi Industry: Corruption Investigation Began 18 Months Ago (Post, September 26, 2009)
Graham Aide Charged With Taking Bribes On Taxi Issues: D.C. Council Staffer Heard on Wiretap (Post, September 25, 2009)
Loza Known as Voice of D.C.'s Latinos, Graham's Right Hand (Post, September 24, 2009; 9:47 PM)
Loza Known as Voice of D.C.'s Latinos (washingtonpost.com, September 24, 2009; 9:27 PM)
D.C. Council Member's Chief of Staff Arrested on Bribery Charges (washingtonpost.com, September 24, 2009; 12:58 PM)
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