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Boys at Landon School planned sex parties: Girls were targeted for sportslike competition, sources say (Post, June 10, 2010)
First lady repays bet with speech (Post, May 17, 2010)
A date with destiny: George Mason graduate overcomes hardships, blindness to fulfill a childhood dream (Post, May 15, 2010)
How to give away $10,000? It's a lot of work.: Undergraduates at U-Md. learn quite a lesson: Giving away $10,000 is a lot of hard work. (Post, May 10, 2010)
Scrutiny falls on U-Va. lacrosse: Eight men's players have faced charges on alcohol-related offenses (Post, May 6, 2010)
Aspiring opera singer finds racial harmony at Suitland High (Post, April 25, 2010)
A full course of scholarships: Senior reaps rewards of dedication, a sign that the 'new Ballou is working' (Post, April 15, 2010)
The student body politic goes viral: Using social media, teenage school board members speak out for a highly connected constituency (Post, April 12, 2010)
Fenty, teachers union promote deal: As tentative pact awaits ratification, certain aspects raise concerns (Post, April 8, 2010)
GWU to pump up the pomp: Volunteer hours net first lady's speech at commencement (Post, April 5, 2010)
Shorter hours but no relief?: Some doctors fear tougher work caps for residents could be bad medicine (Post, March 18, 2010)
With Russia rising, students show interest: Language programs' enrollment had dropped after end of Cold War (Post, March 1, 2010)
Obama proposes to raise academic standards by linking them to state benchmarks (Post, February 22, 2010; 12:21 PM)
A place for both Allah and algebra: More Muslims are turning to home schooling as alternative to public and Islamic schools (Post, February 21, 2010)
Applications to selective area colleges surge: STUDENTS HOPING TO SNAG MORE AID
Admissions deans surprised
(Post, January 25, 2010)
Haiti's logistical hurdles thwarting small nonprofits: Supplies can't get through Faith-based schools, orphanages await help (Post, January 22, 2010)
Test data help cloud Duncan's legacy as Chicago schools chief (Post, December 29, 2009)
The new mantra at colleges is 'slow down': Meditation can help ease growing problem of stress, study finds (Post, December 20, 2009)
Third-year law students trade class for court: Washington and Lee pushes real-world learning over theory (Post, December 18, 2009)
Sex bias probe in colleges' selections: Panel to study whether men are favored in area schools' admissions (Post, December 14, 2009)
Colleges see surge in early acceptance applications: Shaky economy, peace of mind and more favorable admissions rates cited (Post, December 5, 2009)
Teaching the ABC's of crucial social skills: As number of autistic kids rises, schools and programs are being created to aid those with mild form (Post, December 3, 2009)
The best and brightest take a detour: Recession-wary honor students are using community college as door to elite schools (Post, November 30, 2009)
A college freshman with a major difference: After spending 10 years behind bars in California, GWU student takes on a more hopeful but still formidable challenge (Post, November 25, 2009)
In recession, one road led back home: After hitting dead end in job search, new graduate rethinks her path (Post, November 22, 2009)

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