Archives: Organ transplant decisions breed controversial debate

In the hope of saving the lives of more people waiting for transplants, New York City is working on a plan to deploy a special ambulance to collect the bodies of people who have died suddenly from heart attacks, accidents and other emergencies and try to preserve their organs.
Infant Transplant Procedure Ignites Debate: Ethicists Question Strategy in Which Hearts Are Removed Minutes After They Stop Beating (Post, August 14, 2008)
New Zeal in Organ Procurement Raises Fears: Donation Groups Say They Walk a Fine Line, but Critics See Potential for Abuses (Post, September 13, 2007)
New Trend in Organ Donation Raises Questions: As Alternative Approach Becomes More Frequent, Doctors Worry That It Puts Donors at Risk (Post, March 18, 2007)

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