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ABOUT THIS STORY |  NPR came under fire over its firing of Juan Williams on October 20, 2010 after the commentator said on Fox News that he gets nervous when he sees people in Muslim dress on planes. NPR's top news executive Ellen Weiss resigned after a review of the firing. This week, the media organization came under renewed criticism after a "sting" video surfaced in which an NPR executive called tea party members racist and xenophobic. On Wednesday, NPR's CEO Vivian Schiller stepped down.

CEO Vivian Schiller resigned after a "sting" video surfaced showing NPR execs disparaging Tea Party members.
Secretly recorded phone calls cast NPR fundraiser in unflattering light
An NPR fundraising executive said her organization would be willing to shield a would-be donor from a government audit by keeping the donor's name anonymous, according to a series of surreptitiously recorded phone calls released on Thursday by a conservative activist.

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