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Gulf Coast Hurricanes 

43's Strange Farewell (By Howard Kurtz, January 13, 2009; 9:11 AM)

Bush Defends Legacy but Concedes Some Mistakes:  In Last News Conference, He Opens Up on Ups and Downs (Post, January 13, 2009)

Bush's Time at Ranch in Crawford, Tex., Coming to Quiet End:  Ranch Served as Western White House, but Couple's Next Home Will Be Dallas (Post, December 31, 2008)

Once Adrift, Family Finds Port After a Storm (Post, December 26, 2008)

Redskins' Portis Has Always Had Plenty on His Mind:  His Brother Chose the Drug Trade. He Chose Football. Here's the Back Story. (Post, December 14, 2008)

Nobel Physicist Chosen To Be Energy Secretary:  Browner, Two Others to Get Climate Posts (Post, December 11, 2008)

Mississippi Groups Sue HUD, Objecting to Use of Katrina Aid for Port Instead of Housing (Post, December 11, 2008)

Cao's Upset of Rep. Jefferson in Louisiana Gives Republicans a New Hero (Post, December 9, 2008)

Louisiana Voters Oust Rep. William Jefferson After 9 Terms, Indictment (Post, December 7, 2008)

A Symbol of FEMA Delays:  Along the Texas Coast, Debris Reminds Residents of 2008 Hurricane Season (Post, December 7, 2008)

GOP Looks to Young Louisiana Gov. Jindal as Its Own Version of Obama:  Jindal May Prove To be Republicans' Version of Obama (Post, November 30, 2008)

Obituaries:  Francis Grevemberg; Crusaded Against Illegal Gambling in La. (Post, November 28, 2008)

Back at Home After Katrina, a Family Questions How to Move On (By Marguerite Kelly, November 14, 2008)

La. Slaying Recalls History of Racial Turmoil (Post, November 13, 2008)

Hurricane Paloma Hits Cuba's South Coast (Post, November 9, 2008)

Saving Energy In a Return to New Orleans's Lower 9th Ward:  State-of-the-Art Designs Help Residents Come Back to Hurricane-Damaged Area (Post, November 1, 2008)

Congress Vows $100 Million to Red Cross After It Asks for Aid (Post, October 8, 2008)

Philanthropy Conference Announces Aid for Haiti (Post, September 27, 2008)

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