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Head of the Bureau of Ocean Energy testifies before oil commission (Post, July 13, 2010; 2:12 PM)

BP set for key tests in effort to stop oil gushing into the gulf (Post, July 13, 2010; 12:49 PM)

Gov't hopes new drilling moratorium can survive (AP, July 13, 2010; 12:30 PM)

U.S. Election-Year Pressures Might Sink Carbon Caps (, July 13, 2010; 12:00 AM)

Zijin Shares Drop After Closing Plant on Waste Leaks (, July 13, 2010; 12:00 AM)

Zijin Shares Drop After Closing Copper Plant on Waste Leakage (, July 13, 2010; 12:00 AM)

Zijin Shares Drop After Closing Smelter on Leakage (, July 13, 2010; 12:00 AM)

Korea Groups to Invest $18.5 Billion in Clean Energy (, July 13, 2010; 12:00 AM)

U.S. Election-Year Pressures Might Sink Carbon Caps, Kerry Says (, July 13, 2010; 12:00 AM)

Obama sticks with clean-energy goals:  Report focuses on industry's potential to generate jobs (Post, July 13, 2010)

A good energy strategy doesn't fit in a slogan (By Allan Sloan, July 13, 2010)

Gulf seafood must pass the smell test:  Government trains inspectors to sniff out contaminated catch (Post, July 13, 2010)

BP oil spill creates low-stress jobs, but some fishermen face emotional crisis:  Less stress for some, but disruptions provoke a psychological crisis for others (Post, July 13, 2010)

Sealing cap placed on oil well as Interior Dept. issues ban on offshore drilling:  DEVICE COULD ALLOW CLOSURE
Interior Dept. issues ban on offshore drilling
(Post, July 13, 2010)

New offshore oil moratorium not focused on depth (AP, July 12, 2010; 10:31 PM)

Rare mix of geological factors created rich but dangerous reserves:  An unusual mix of geological factors created rich but dangerous reserves (Post, July 13, 2010)

EPA Proposes Cellulosic Ethanol Short of U.S. Goals (, July 12, 2010; 12:00 AM)

Acid Rain, Smog Rules to Spur CO2 Law, Traders Say (, July 12, 2010; 12:00 AM)

EPA Proposes Cellulosic Ethanol Requirement Short of U.S. Goals (, July 12, 2010; 12:00 AM)

U.S. Acid Rain, Smog Rules May Spur New Carbon Law, Traders Say (, July 12, 2010; 12:00 AM)

Oil spill panel faces challenges, criticism as it begins work:  Presidential panel faces challenges and criticism as it begins spill probe (Post, July 12, 2010)

Congress returns from recess to even more of the same (Post, July 12, 2010)

Historic oil spill fails to produce gains for U.S. environmentalists:  Legislative gridlock remains as demand for gasoline rises in U.S. (Post, July 12, 2010)

Digging deep after the oil spill (Post, July 12, 2010)

BP maneuvers underwater to secure new oil cap:  Engineers hopeful that new equipment can absorb entire flow (Post, July 12, 2010)

Warren Brown reviews the 2011 BMW ActiveHybrid7 (Post, July 11, 2010)

An interview with Yvo de Boer, the United Nations' former climate-change chief (By Juliet Eilperin, July 11, 2010)

BP works to swap out oil well cap in undersea maneuver:  ROBOTICS AT WORK ONE MILE DOWN
In effort to fit new, tighter cap, flow to increase for a time
(Post, July 11, 2010)

Amazon river dolphins being slaughtered for bait (AP, July 10, 2010; 4:01 PM)

NOAA: Gulf seafood tested so far is safe to eat (AP, July 10, 2010; 7:47 AM)

Value of oil skimming Gulf flotilla is uncertain (AP, July 10, 2010; 7:04 AM)

Oil hasn't hit South Atlantic, but its effects on business reverberate already:  Oil hasn't hit South Atlantic, but spill's effects reverberate through industries (Post, July 10, 2010)

U.S. agencies try to restore faith in Energy Star appliance testing:  Government overhauls appliance testing to restore faith in Energy Star label (Post, July 10, 2010)

House watch:  The top 10 reasons building a smaller house is better (Post, July 10, 2010)

Replacing old cap on gulf oil starts this weekend as hopes run high for relief:  Delicate procedure involves releasing more oil before work is done (Post, July 10, 2010)

1.8M acres of Alaska drilling leases go up for bid (AP, July 9, 2010; 8:40 PM)

If it's June it must be warm, wet and windy (AP, July 9, 2010; 1:36 PM)

If it's June it must be warm, wet and windy (AP, July 9, 2010; 1:27 PM)

EPA: Moderate health concerns with Gulf air (AP, July 8, 2010; 8:07 PM)

Study: Think you're hot now? Just wait a few years (AP, July 8, 2010; 5:10 PM)

BP's Hayward seeks help in Abu Dhabi:  CEO Hayward visits Middle East, Africa as asset sales are planned (Post, July 8, 2010)

Enviro groups stunned that govt ignoring 27K wells (AP, July 7, 2010; 9:22 PM)

Under the sand, BP oil hidden from easy cleanup (AP, July 7, 2010; 6:54 PM)

CBO says climate bill would cut deficit by $19B (AP, July 7, 2010; 3:42 PM)

'Climategate' inquiry mostly vindicates scientists (AP, July 7, 2010; 1:42 PM)

Green religion movement hopes spill wins converts (AP, July 7, 2010; 11:43 AM)

APNewsBreak: Groups say Exxon violates US air laws (AP, July 7, 2010; 10:53 AM)

Heat islands: Cities heat quickly, cool slowly (AP, July 7, 2010; 8:52 AM)

AP IMPACT: Gulf awash in 27,000 abandoned wells (AP, July 7, 2010; 12:49 AM)

Clean-air rule aims to limit coal emissions (Post, July 7, 2010)

How to conquer the invasive lionfish? Saute it.:  Environmentalists push for edible eradication of the invasive lionfish (Post, July 7, 2010)

Oil seeps into New Orleans' Lake Pontchartrain (AP, July 6, 2010; 10:58 PM)

TXI to keep Midlothian wet cement kilns closed (AP, July 6, 2010; 10:00 PM)

Oil in Lake Pontchartrain stokes worries in New Orleans (Post, July 6, 2010; 9:26 PM)

Texas group will look at oil, natural gas drilling (AP, July 6, 2010; 8:01 PM)

EPA: Clean-air rule would overturn Bush-era plan (AP, July 6, 2010; 7:54 PM)

EPA finishing up Pavillion-area monitoring wells (AP, July 6, 2010; 7:45 PM)

Regulators push for home energy-efficiency program to be put on hold (Post, July 6, 2010; 7:43 PM)

Protest at Maine wind power site yields 3 arrests (AP, July 6, 2010; 4:58 PM)

Ill ex-prison employees blame US gov. program (AP, July 6, 2010; 3:46 PM)

Applied Materials spent $320,000 on lobbying in 1Q (AP, July 6, 2010; 6:35 AM)

Recovery effort falls vastly short of BP's promises:  Critics of response point to a filing from weeks before disaster (Post, July 6, 2010)

Louisiana officials urge BP to speed claims payments:  Adjusters checking more thoroughly as victims' requests mount (Post, July 6, 2010)

For bird rescuers in gulf, the toughest part is realizing many can't be saved:  For bird rescuers in the gulf, the toughest part of the job is realizing many can't be saved (Post, July 6, 2010)

Dutch agency admits mistake in UN climate report (AP, July 5, 2010; 9:48 PM)

Why do we call it an 'oil spill'?: (Post, July 6, 2010)

To minimize waste, buy wisely, prep fresh foods, use the freezer (By Nina Shen Rastogi, July 6, 2010)

Mont. delegation pushes EPA on asbestos cleanup (AP, July 5, 2010; 6:58 PM)

Wildlife agency predicted low risk from oil spills (AP, July 5, 2010; 6:38 PM)

Conservationists protest Malaysia coal plant plan (AP, July 5, 2010; 3:29 AM)

Lenovo ThinkPad L412: A Price-Conscious, Eco-Friendly Laptop for Business:  A decently priced, eco-friendly choice for the budget-minded businessperson or student. (PC World, July 5, 2010; 12:19 AM)

Quiet hybrids: An end to their sounds of silence? (AP, July 5, 2010; 12:00 AM)

Determining oil spill's environmental damage is difficult:  DISAGREEMENT ON DAMAGE
Waters were ailing even before the spill
(Post, July 5, 2010)

BP has steady sales at Defense Department despite U.S. scrutiny:  $980 MILLION IN PENTAGON SALES
Fuel contracts intact as U.S. weighs sanctions
(Post, July 5, 2010)

For now, government and BP working together to assess oil spill damage:  Government, BP working together, to concern of some (Post, July 4, 2010)

Oil-skimming supertanker takes first test cruise in Gulf of Mexico waters (Post, July 4, 2010)

Moynihan, as Nixon aide, warned of global warming (AP, July 3, 2010; 5:53 AM)

Moynihan, as Nixon aide, warned of global warming (AP, July 3, 2010; 1:29 AM)

AROUND THE WORLD:  Possible oil-spill solutions pour in, seemingly unheeded, from around the world (Post, July 3, 2010)

In the 'war room':  In BP 'war room,' small victories, many uncertainties (Post, July 3, 2010)

New Orleans musicians give voice to rising tide of anger over gulf oil spill:  Musicians in the Big Easy give voice to a rising tide of anger amid gulf crisis (Post, July 3, 2010)

Settlement reached on guarding against burning deaths of sea turtles in gulf (Post, July 2, 2010; 6:58 PM)

Ohio lake's algae dangerous to swimmers, economy (AP, July 2, 2010; 5:09 PM)

BP, Obama administration must decide soon whether to switch oil containment caps (Post, July 2, 2010; 7:24 PM)

New York to implement clothing recycling program (AP, July 2, 2010; 2:55 PM)

UN report fuels criticism of carbon-cutting scheme (AP, July 2, 2010; 2:36 PM)

EPA: No fed permit needed for Upper Peninsula mine (AP, July 2, 2010; 1:24 PM)

Florida tests inventors' sand-cleaning ideas (AP, July 2, 2010; 7:36 AM)

Travel Picks: 10 of the best eco-chic escapes (Reuters, July 2, 2010; 6:02 AM)

For Chesapeake shuckers, gulf oil spill means the world is no longer their oysters:  As oil spill reduces imports, Chesapeake work has run dry (Post, July 2, 2010)

Oil spill in the gulf: Latest developments (Post, July 2, 2010)

Audit: Fishery cops misspent fines on cars, boats (AP, July 1, 2010; 10:29 PM)

APNewsBreak: Feds lean on BP over trash disposal (AP, July 1, 2010; 9:16 PM)

Italy sees intermediate steps at UN climate summit (AP, July 1, 2010; 2:02 PM)

Hurricane Alex hampers gulf skimming operations, officials say (Post, July 1, 2010; 5:22 PM)

Swiss project brings electric car to Alpine tourism (Reuters, July 1, 2010; 11:02 AM)

2009 sees no growth in CO2; first time since 1992 (AP, July 1, 2010; 9:56 AM)

NZ carbon price system hikes household costs (AP, July 1, 2010; 3:02 AM)

NZ carbon price system hikes household costs (AP, July 1, 2010; 2:45 AM)

Charles Spencer King, 85:  Charles Spencer King, British engineer who helped create Range Rover, dies at 85 (Post, July 1, 2010)

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